It Flies By

Oh my goodness, the weeks are going faster since coming back to work than I was afraid they would!  Our little guy is growing so fast!  He’s such a chunk of love.  Isaiah is such a happy, easy-going baby!  Hard to believe he’s 3 1/2 months now.  He just smiles and coos and babbles.  Such a talker!  Last night he almost rolled over from his back to his tummy.  I’m going to have to start putting the side of his co-sleeper up so he won’t accidentally roll out.

Davie Ann is deep into a princess/ballerina phase.  She LOVES tiaras and poufy dresses and anything sparkly.  Lip gloss is her favoritest evah.  We have to take her purse of pretend make-up with us wherever we go.  Most nights she even sleeps in her poufy dresses.  It’s not worth the drama of getting her out of them!  I don’t know how my mom manages to convince her to change her clothes for school.

I’m finally back to couponing.  I love it, but it’s time-consuming and snuggling with the kiddos was just way more fun. 🙂  So far I’ve gotten a bunch of great freebies and deals.  My favorite so far have been:  45 free P3 protein packs, 30 free PopSecret single bags of popcorn, $0.50 bags of Nabisco snacks (the tall snack bags that are usually $2 of animal crackers, chocolate chip cookies and Nutter Butters), and three cannisters of Enfamil that are usually $24 each for $16 each.  I’m hoping to score some free toothpate, mouth wash, deodorant and shampoo this week.  Some deals work out, some don’t, so we’ll see how it goes!

Troy and I are still committed to our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class at church every Sunday.  The steps are hard, and making the required changes are hard, but we’re slowly doing it.  I think we’ll probably have to take the class a few times before we really get the hang of it.  But we are determined!  It all seems so ‘common sense’ but I know I learn something new every week.  I’m addicted to the Dave Ramsey podcast and radio show now.  I downloaded the app so I can stream the radio show during my commute.

I love music, but podcasts are my thing now.  I almost always listen to one in the car.  My favorites are Doug Loves Movies (a stoner comedian who plays celebrity and movie trivia games with other comedians and celebs – sooo funny), Hollywood Babble-On and Smodcast (both with director Kevin Smith), the Dave Ramsey podcast, the Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick and AfterBuzz TV.  AfterBuzz TV does a review of just about any TV show you can think of, but I just listen to the ones for the shows I watch, usually The Walking Dead, Helix, The Bachelor and Lost Girl.  It’s fun to listen to other fans geek out over the same shows I like. 🙂 

With all the kids and all the couponing lately, I haven’t had any time to work on wreaths.  I miss my creative outlet!  Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to it soon.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!  Tonight we’re having red potatoes, carrots and corned beef roast.  I hope it turns out!


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  1. Stacey
    Mar 26, 2014 @ 13:02:41

    Sounds like you are settling in to a good routine with two kiddos! It’s so hard to find time for hobbies, I find. Most of mine have been temporarily abandoned, but I’m hopeful that they’ll get picked up again soon. Love your recent pics of the kids. They are growing and oh so cute!
    P.S. I love The Walking Dead, too! 🙂


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