11 Weeks

Doin’ alright. 

For the past month, our whole family has battled one sickness after another.  First there was the brutal stomach virus that started with Davie and my niece, then spread to my parents, then my brother and SIL, then to my nephews and finally to my husband.  It consisted of a horrific one or two days of vomiting and the runs, but was then followed by another 10 days of fatigue, sensitive stomach and occasional returns to vomiting.  I nursed everyone through it and thought I was spared … until it was my turn.

As that passed, we realized Davie still wasn’t herself – still listless, irritable and not eating well.  We took her back to the pediatrician only to find she had a double ear infection, a sinus infection and strep throat.  Then mom and dad got it.  Then my niece.  Then my husband, who missed three days of work because of it.  Once again, the illness seems to be on the wane, and I’m waiting on pins & needles to see if I will be next.  Oh please, Lord, send us some good health.  We need a break.

My OB appt this week went well.  Newt is huge, measuring ahead at 12 weeks.  He fills the whole uterus now, with no big black circle around him anymore.  I didn’t see him kick much, but I hadn’t eaten much that morning.  The heart rate was 160 bpm. 

Unfortunately, BB’s sack has grown, too.  BB is still the same size, just a tiny blip next to Newt now.  But the sac around BB keeps getting bigger.  Dr. Breen wrote an order for the specialists to measure and evaluate the sac at my NT scan June 5th.  Breen says he can’t see a scenario where it would be necessary to do anything invasive about BB, it’s just a monitoring precaution.  Of course, I’m worried, but we’ll let the perinatologists weigh in and see what their advice is.

My progesterone this week is up to 23.  They decreased my Estradiol to twice a day, but I’m still on 3 Crinone inserts a day.  When my progesterone gets to 30, they’ll start weaning me off the Crinone.

Nausea is here in a big, bad way.  Of course, it’s all worth it, goes without saying.  But zomg, I forgot how much I hate this part.  I’ve been threatened with hospitalization/IV fluids twice.  I really want to eat and drink, and I really do try, it just doesn’t stay down.  It’s hard to concentrate.  It’s hard to move from the fetal position.  My house is a wreck and I have no clean underwear.  I’m on Zofran, they gave me both the 8mg and the 4mg tablets.  The order says to take 8mg every 8 hours, but to keep from constant heaving I have to take it every 4-5 hours, and even at that I’m still throwing up.  I’m going to run out at some point and they’re going to find out I’ve been taking too much.  I just can’t function without it and I can’t afford to not work.  I don’t know what to do.

I’m hoping once my progesterone levels off, the nausea will start to go away.  I’m praying for it.  This is my last pregnancy, with all my heart I really want to get to enjoy it a little bit. 

Monday night I let the dogs out around 6 to eat and do their business.  At 8 we went to let them back in, and only one came through the door.  Dude was there, but Dobby was no where to be found.  We finally figured she must have shimmied under the gate, although she had to have been really motivated.  Our neighbors have four little brown bunnies living under their house.  In fact, our whole nighborhood has a LOT of wild bunnies right now.  I wonder if Dobby was trying to chase the bunnies?  Who knows.  We scoured the hood, stopping anyone we saw, checking every road, but there was no sign of her.  I reported her missing to the local animal control and the local shelter.

Tuesday I made fliers and dropped a few at the local vet’s office.  Davie and I loaded up her stoller with duct tape, a staple gun and fliers, and hit the ‘hood going door to door.  We posted fliers at every mailbox station.  When Troy got home, we went out in his car and posted fliers at every mailbox station in the neighborhood next to us and the one behind us.  As we got home, the vet’s office called to say that a man did come in to ask if anyone was looking for a French bulldog, but he didn’t leave any info.  We felt it had to be Dobby!  There just aren’t that many Frenchies in Hutto.  We felt relief that at least she wasn’t on the side of the road, hurt or dead.  And whoever was asking about her seemed to be looking for an owner instead of keeping her.  All good signs!

Finally, at lunch today a man called and said his neighbor had Dobby, but he was at work and hadn’t seen our fliers yet.  So he went and took a flier to his neighbor’s wife, who called.  Dobby is there!  Safe and sound!  And they adore her!   We couldn’t be luckier.  We’ll be picking her up after work tonight!  Thank you, Lord, for leading her to good people with kind hearts and for bringing her home to us!


Weekend Update

This weekend was beautiful, lots of gorgeous sunshine.  I pretty much slept through it.

I worked an extra shift this weekend, so that took pretty much all the extra energy I had left.  Saturday morning we went to my nephew Cayle’s 10th birthday party at my brother’s house.  We gave him a scooter-type thing called an Ezy Roller that he loved.  He and his brother Andon both managed to run it straight into the side of my dad’s car before they learned to control it.  It was pretty funny. 🙂

After that I took a nap, and woke up to a bizarre phenomenon where a tornado actually formed inside our house and twirled it upside down.  Actually, it was just a two-year-old with her father as “supervision.”  So … there was an inch of water over the patio, with the hose running, and my kid, cat and two dogs running freely in and out of the house, accompanied by a swarm of flies … mud all over the kitchen … laundry piled hip-high … dishes piled in the sink and glasses and sippy cups on every surface of the living room and kitchen … dolls and stuffed animals everywhere … and my kid was naked.  All we need are a few tires on the front lawn and we can go completely trailer park.

Still, everyone was super-happy and since they all pitched in to help clean up, how can you be too upset?  Happy is contagious. 🙂  We were making blackened chicken alfredo for dinner when my mom stopped by.  My dad ended up coming over for dinner, too.  (Mom actually came by to help me with a case of chicken and dad was at Barnes ‘N Nobles).  I love it that my folks live close enough to just “drop in” now.  So awesome!

A few months ago I placed an order with Zaycon, a farm that delivers meat to different areas on a schedule.  Because they have delivery “events” instead of selling to grocery stores, they pass the savings on to the buyers.  I bought 40 lbs of chicken breast (1 case) for $71, which breaks down to $1.79/lb.  And it’s fresh, just-butchered chicken breast, no bone or skin, organic, no hormones or chemicals and so fresh it’s never been frozen.  Even at the grocery store the best deal I can get is $1.99 on frozen chicken breasts on sale, and those are really small.  Mom and I cut up the breasts and trimmed off any fat, then sealed them three to a ziplock and froze what we weren’t using for dinner.  They were amazing, juicy and so fresh.  I’m getting two cases next time!  It’s a great deal to stock up on!  Now if only I could find a deal that good on beef.  Pot roasts, steaks and even ground beef are so crazy expensive right now.

Sunday we slept in, then spent the day just playing with Davie.  Neither of us could get her to lie down for a nap!  Of course, as soon as we headed over to my parents’ for dinner, she crashed out in the car.  We had chicken and rice and roasted vegetables in the oven.  I made mac ‘n cheese from scratch, and it turned out ok but a little dry, even though I added extra butter and milk.  I made it great once, I just can’t seem to duplicate it again!  The roasted veggies were the best – squash, zucchini, onions, tomatoes and turnips drizzled with garlic butter.  Yum.

Tomorrow is my next u/s.  It’s the first one I’m going to go to alone.  I’m so nervous.  I don’t know why, I just feel like I’ll feel more confident after 10 weeks.  Or maybe after 12.  I just know it’ll be a relief when we can finally tell everyone instead of pretending I’ve had some never-ending stomach bug.

After eating great this weekend, I feel like crap on a cracker today.  I can’t wait for some grilled cheese and soup tonight.  Right up my alley. 🙂