A New Week

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  It went well for us overall.  Friday I couldn’t eat much and felt pretty crappy overall.  I noticed in the evening I wasn’t feeling Newt move much.  Usually my favorite time of day to feel him move is bedtime.  When my tummy is full and I’m lying down in bed relaxing, he usually puts on a show!  But I fell asleep pretty quickly Friday so I’m not sure if I just missed it or if he was unusually quiet.

Saturday morning I woke up early, and still, no news from the ute.  By then it was really scaring me!  So, following all good parenting advice, I jumped out of bed and flew to Starbucks, still in my pajamas (hey, I didn’t get out of the car so it doesn’t count, right?).  I got a small mocha frappacino for me (it’s hot in Texas, even that early!) and some cinnamon dulche hot coffee thing for Troy.  I sucked the whole thing down on the way home, and crawled back into bed to wait for news from Newt.

Around 8 Troy and Davie both came lumbering into my room at the same time.  (Troy has been sleeping in the guest room since he was diagnosed with bronchitis.  He’s trying not to infect anyone else.)  It was so funny, like Papa Bear and miniature Baby Bear.  They both were half dressed, dragging blankets behind them, hair sticking up in every direction and grunting incoherently.  Troy was happy to have the coffee.

Finally around 1pm I was finally able to eat something – and about 10 minutes later, Newt made himself known again.  I was about to head for the nearest ER!  I know 22 weeks is early to expect regular movement, but omg that scared the crap out of me.  The Starbucks had another side effect, though – I pooped all day long!  I’ve been constipated since March, but yesterday I went three times! 

I was so excited to go to church again Sunday.  I even laid out an outfit for Davie – complete with shoes and matching bows – and one for me.  But Saturday was a rough day as far as the hyperemesis goes, and even though I was exhausted at bedtime, for the life of me I could not fall asleep!  I finally drifted off at 5am!!!  At 6 my alarm went off and I texted Mom that we weren’t going to make it.

To give me a chance to rest up, Troy took Davie to the kitchen to make French toast.  I dunno what happened, but about 15 minutes later the smoke alarms went off.  Davie came dashing into my room yelling, “Babe!  Babe!  Daddy made a naughty noise!”  I guess she caught on that Troy and I call each other “Babe”!  I have no idea where she learned the word “naughty”!  After that, they headed to a local park and water park for a few hours.

I’m so sad we missed out on church.  To keep this from happening again, I’ve set an alarm on my phone to remind me to take a Phenegren or a Benedryl to help me get a good night’s sleep.  I will win over hyperemesis!  It will not keep me from church again!!

Every few months Troy will drive to south Austin (about an hour from our house) and buy about $100-$150 worth of meat from a local butcher.  They put together packages each month that have a great mix of steaks, pot roast, pork and beef ribs, chicken, sausage (both links and ground), hamburger and OMG the best bacon EVER.  Some of the meat is comparable to the supermarket price-wise.  Some is a little less, some a little more.  But it’s nice knowing the meat is fresh and organic, and overall it’s a great value. 

Not long ago, a different butcher opened shop right around the corner from us, the Westfalia Market.  We found out they do the same “value box” each week, and we were excited to try it – no more driving across town!  We’ve been SO disappointed in the meat!  Most of it has been flavorless and full of gristle.  The steaks were thin and even though we marinated them for a day first, they had no flavor and hardly any meat.  There were no pot roasts or chicken in the box.  They sausage has a weird, nasty, greasy taste.  By the end, we had three cuts of pork ribs left.  I hated to throw them away, but we were not excited about cooking them.

While Davie and Troy were at the park Sunday, I browned the ribs and put them in the crock pot with a bottle and a half of Jack Daniels honey BBQ sauce and 2 cups of chicken broth.  About 4 we took them up to Mom & Dad’s and had them with Barracho beans, rice and garlic biscuits.  They turned out really good!  (I couldn’t eat meat but I loved the beans and rice).  At least we had one good meal out of that value box.  We’ll never buy meat from them again, though!

I talked to Alere Home Heath about raising my Zofran dose back up on my pump.  The nurse encouraged me to take one more week to see if I could adjust to this lowered dose.  I missed some work last week due to vomiting and nausea, so we’ll see how this week goes.  If I miss any more work, I’m going back up.  I have to admit, though – while I hate feeling horrible, I’m also a little bit scared that if I start feeling really good, I’ll gain a lot of weight.  Can’t win.

Tomorrow evening my MIL Marilyn is coming to stay for a few days.  I’m looking forward to spending time with her.  She and my mom will go with me to New’s anatomy scan Wednesday morning.  I can’t wait to see him again!


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