21 Weeks

Tomorrow I’ll be 21 weeks.  I can feel Newt move a lot more often now, usually a few times a day.  Every few days I’ll even be lucky enough to feel a kick on the outside, which thrills me to no end.  I’m constantly feeling myself up, hoping for one of those precious nudges.

Friday the Alere home health nurse helped me lower my Zofran dose to 0.600.  Such a small change, but a big difference in how I feel.  I’ve been much more nauseous and exhausted.  I’m struggling to eat and drink.  I’ve lost 4lbs since Friday.

I’m trying to stick with it, though.  Although I do feel crappy, it’s not as bad as it was at first.  I can still get up and bathe and even help around the house.  I really, really want to get off this pump!  Today is really the test.  If I can make it through today at work, I can probably stick out this dose until it gets better.  But if today is really hard, or I have to leave work, I’ll probably ask to go back up to 0.660. 😦  The A/C was out in the office this morning, and the heat just zapped me.  It’s back up now, though, and I’ve been drinking tea and water, so I’m starting to get a little energy back.

Overall, it was a good weekend, though.  We rested a lot, and just enjoyed playing with Davie.  She’s just so frickin’ funny!  She LOVES swimming, flip flops and sidewalk chalk.  In that order. 😉  Late Saturday afternoon we met up with my folks at their local rec center and took Davie swimming for a couple of hours, then we ate dinner together (Troy made sour cream chicken enchiladas.  He’s a pro at it!). 

Saturday night was rough – I had trouble sleeping and kept having to get up to pee or dry hearve.  I was so tempted to cancel going to church in the morning.  But I made a promise that when the hypermemsis let up, we were going to make it routine to go to church every Sunday!  You’d think being a preacher’s daughter, it would already be habit.  But Troy and I moved a lot after we got married, and we’d go here and there, but never invested fully in one church.  Last Sunday we went to First Baptist Church in Georgetown, where my parents live.  We actually live 15 minutes away in Hutto, but it’s close and I really want to go as a family.  Plus, my brother and his family live in Georgetown.  He travels a lot for his work, and my parents and us really want to make it a habit to pick my nephews and take them with us every Sunday.  Lastly, Davie is starting school this August at First Baptist Church Georgetown, and I wanted to her already be used to going there so it wouldn’t be scary for her.  She’ll go to school Tues, Wed and Thurs from 9-2.

Last Sunday Troy, Davie and I went together (Mom and Dad were visiting another church where my dad was preaching for a pastor who was out), and it was a bit of a disaster.  Davie was distraught when we dropped her off in the nursery, and was still sobbing when we picked her up.  This week, I rallied and got myself out of bed, and even put a roast in the crock pot for lunch before church.  We picked up Mom (Dad was preaching at another church again).  What a difference!  Davie still had a hard time being dropped off, but right after we left they had playground time, and apparently that did the trick!  When we picked her up from the nursery, she was SO excited and happy!  She was munching goldfish and had a picture of Noah’s Ark she had put stickers on.  She tried so hard to tell us all about the story of Noah’s Ark!  She was so excited, waving her arms around and talking about boats and building and animals!  It was so fun to see her so excited!

We loved the service, too.  Next week, our goal is to make it there earlier, so we can go to both Sunday School and to a service.  We kept it to just one this time to see how Davie did, but now that she’s more confident, we’re excited to really get invested in a church family!  I can’t wait ’til the boys and my dad can join us, too!  And – the pot roast, potatoes, carrots and rolls turned out great, with plenty of left overs for all of us this week.  Yay!

Wednesday I have my regular OB appt.  I’m sure they’ll listen to the heartbeat with the doppler, but probably no ultrasound this time.  That’s ok, it’s been THREE WEEKS since I’ve had an appointment, so even getting to hear the heartbeat will be wonderful!  A week from Wednesday, on the 7th, we have the anatomy scan.  They wanted to wait ’til Newt was a little bigger so they could see the structures of the heart clearly.  My mom, MIL Marilyn and Troy will all be going with me.  I can’t wait for a good long look again! 

Troy and I have really been struggling with finances since I stopped working my part-time weekend job.  The job is so easy, I feel bad giving it up.  I worked from 11pm-7am every Friday night.  It’s usually so slow, I would watch movies on my computer and coupon the whole time – and got paid great for it!  But, I HATED being away from Troy and Davie all day Friday then all night.  Then when I got home Saturday, I’d have to sleep, so I’d miss Saturday with them, too.  Usually by the time I got up Saturday afternoon, they would have destroyed the house, so I’d spend all afternoon Saturday cleaning, doing dishes, laundry, restoring the kitchen and taking care of the pets.  That’s why we weren’t consistent about church on Sundays – I’d still be exhausted and behind.  Honestly, just typing all that out reminds me why even though it’s easy money, it’s just not the right fit for our family.  Especially with the hyperemesis, it’ll be too hard to recover from being up all night.  And when the baby gets here, I REALLY won’t want top leave.

But – it’s been hard to adjust to the reduction in income.  Please pray for us that we will be responsible and wise with what God has given us.  We have put the 1979 VW bus up for sale.  It’s my baby and it breaks my heart, but it’s the right decision.  We can use the money from the bus and trade in my small Kia for a slightly bigger one that will fit two car seats more easily – and we should be able to keep our car payments the same.  Just 14 more months and Troy’s Honda will be paid off, so we’ll only have one car payment.  We’ve just gotta stick it out!



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Another Dreamer
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 11:09:04

    I hope things get easier for you soon 😦 And that you’re able to handle the dose. If you need to go back up though, do what you think is best. I can only imagine how hard it has to be being attached to the pump, and I understand wanting to get off of it though. Hoping that your financial issues clear up too, I know how hard that can be!


    • iamstacey
      Jul 29, 2013 @ 12:44:07

      We’ll get on top of things again! I’m really just mad at myself for letting things get so tight. We should’ve planned better. The hyperemesis just caught us by surprise! We’ll tackle it together, plan out payments through the end of the year, and maybe try the Dave Ramsey method for a while. Less eating out and more planning should help!


  2. Good Timing
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 23:51:56

    You can do it! 🙂 it’s not easy, but you will make it work!


  3. Hope
    Aug 01, 2013 @ 09:00:20

    Thanks for the comment about not enjoying it either. I feel so much guilt, but it is what it is. haha! We’re having a hard time connecting with a church, too. I love our church, I’ve been there about 10 years. It was great when I didn’t have children but there are only a couple of kids and I really want Quinn to have the same sort of experience with the youth group that I had. Hopefully you will find a good fit soon!


    • iamstacey
      Aug 02, 2013 @ 13:59:23

      We’re really loving this new one so far! My mom has been really excited about coming with us. My dad will continue preaching at other churches when they need him, but I really enjoy having us all go together as a family. 🙂


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