14 Weeks

Yesterday my progesterone and estradiol levels were great.  So this is my first day without a Crinone insert.  We’ll test again next Tuesday and see how the levels look.  If they’re good, supplemental meds are done!

Today I also went to see the OB, Dr. Breen.  The baby looks great!  It’s so big and even though I had thrown up everything I had tried to eat or drink, Newt was wiggling and thrashing all over the place.  It was fun to watch.  Heart rate was 145.

Dr. Breen talked to me a little bit more about the Harmony genetic test.  He agreed with me that if the results came back abnormal, there’s the possibility that the results could be from the demise fetus.  He followed up with two points:  if the results are normal, we can all breathe a sigh of relief;  and if the results are abnormal, it gives him the freedom to order extra tests that he would not be able to do otherwise.

Dr. Breen assured me that it would not be necessary to perform an amniocentesis.  If the results are abnormal and they pertain to the demise fetus (BB), then Newt will be born just fine and dandy.  However, it will give him the ability to order and perform extra non-invasive tests, such as a fetal cardiac doppler to ensure there are no heart malformations that are common in Down Syndrome babies. 

He said he supported whatever decision I made, but he liked the idea of being prepared at the birth for any worst-case scenario, and then being pleasantly surprised by not needing the extra support.  I appreciate that he took the extra time to explain his reasoning and he repeatedly assured me that it was my decision.

So I go back to the Texas Perinatal office next Tuesday at 8am to get the Harmony genetic test done.  We debated between the Harmony and the MaterniT21, but Harmony would be covered by our insurance and the MT21 isn’t, so we’re going with the Harmony.



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  1. Another Dreamer
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 16:03:21

    Glad things looked good at the ultrasound. Hoping the genetic tests ease some worries.


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