beta HCG’s

First beta on Tues., Apr. 2:  241.  Texas Fertility likes to see a 67% rise every 24 hrs., which would be 402; a perfect double would be 482.  Progesterone:  6.5.

Second beta on Thurs., Apr. 4:  414 (over 67%, but less than double).  For 3rd beta, 67% = 692;  double = 828.  Progesterone:  7.

Third beta on Sat., Apr. 6:  728 (again, over 67% but less than double).  Next beta on Monday:  67% = 1,216;  double = 1,456.  Progesterone:  4.

Good rises on the betas – of course, I’d love to see the numbers really take off and be strong, but they’ve been good rises each time.  I looked back at my betas after my IUI where we got pregnant with Davie, and my numbers for all three have been higher this time than they were with her and have risen at a better rate each time.  I think with her I only doubled every 72 hours, even a little longer.

However, the drop in progesterone is not great.  Because it’s an FET cycle I am of course on Crinone inserts 3X/day, and estradiol twice a day.  Apparently the body can make progesterone from estradiol, so they upped me to three estradiol pills a day.

For the past two days I’ve had some weird feelings on my left side that worry me.  It’s mostly a “stretchy” sort of feeling, although it’s way to early for the uterus to be stretching.  Occastionally it’s more of a twinge or ache, or a little like a cramp.  My lower back is often achy on the left side.  It doesn’t feel like it did when I had the ectopic, which was supposedly on the right side, although they never saw the ectopic on ultrasound.  And -the pain on my right side turned out to be my ovary bleeding out into my abdomen.  However, just the fact that I’m feeling this weird sensation in the same place on the same side for the past two days really does concern me.

TMI:  Occasionally I have vague nausea and/or light-headedness.  Occasionally the Crinone discharge that comes back out will be vaguely beige or pinkish, but no spotting or bleeding.  The Crinone applicators always come out clean.

Of course, all of this does make it harder to stay focused on leaving the whole matter in God’s hands.  I pretty much have to stop and pray every couple of hours to regain peace.  It’s worth it.  I’d rather stay constantly in prayer than go back to frantic obsession of the last few miscarriages.  Eyes upon Jesus, Stacey.  Focus.



7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MrsBushey
    Apr 06, 2013 @ 23:16:36

    Happy to see your betas are rising! Praying they continue to go up.


  2. Another Dreamer
    Apr 06, 2013 @ 23:49:25

    Would they consider PIO if you’re concerned about the progesterone? Both Crinone and PIO are awesome for support, so I’m hoping yours is great despite the testing. Mine was 6.6 with V, and that was from a IUI with around 7 follicles… so my body just failed hardcore. We did progesterone support, and eventually PIO. Our betas only doubled every 73hrs at times in the beginning. I know it’s scary, but I am holding onto hope for you. I’m glad the betas are going up and I’m hoping things are going well in there. Hang in there sweetie (*hugs*)


  3. Amber
    Apr 07, 2013 @ 18:46:12

    My betas were the lowest with my two successful pregnancies. They went up much faster with my failed pregnancy. Hang in there! I pray that everything is just fine!!!


  4. Christine
    Apr 07, 2013 @ 20:19:16

    I’ve been praying really hard for you and will continue to!


  5. Hope
    Apr 07, 2013 @ 22:25:45

    Glad they’re going up! My betas never “doubled” like they were supposed too. They didn’t with Quinn and this time they went 42, 2 days later only 43, then 4 days later 320. I of course thought it wasn’t viable and quit taking all meds, but it’s worked out and I’m almost 14 weeks now. I do always take PIO through the first trimester. I’ve heard they don’t really know what betas are on a “normal” pregnancy because they don’t check them, they just have a general idea. I know it’s hard until you see that heartbeat on ultrasound, but stay strong!


  6. Good Timing
    Apr 08, 2013 @ 00:13:59

    Hoping for you!! Good rises!!


  7. iamstacey
    Apr 08, 2013 @ 12:30:05

    Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and prayers! They meant so much. I’ve been trying not to think about it too much, but I know it’s always in the back of my mind, because as soon as I’d see a comment in my inbox, I’d rush to read it. Every one cheered me up and eased my heart! Thank you!


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