So much has happened in such a short time!

First and foremost, Baby Girl is TWO!!  So crazy!  We did a Winnie the Pooh theme, although somewhere between the time she fell in love with Pooh and her actual birthday, she had moved on from Pooh to Dora as her first love.  She still has a soft spot for Pooh, though.

My parents took Davie and my nephews to the bouncy house to entertain them while my MIL Marilyn, FIL Jim and my SIL’s Lisa and Sharon set up the house.  Troy went and got BBQ and the balloons.  We had a cake from Randall’s with Pooh on it and Lisa made bumblebee cupcakes.  There were murals hanging on every wall with the Pooh characters and the ceiling was full of streamers and balloons.  We put together several of her toys, including a tent “castle” and a bouncy ball pit, so there were toys and presents everywhere.

The best part was her face when she walked in the door!  She was babbling away in toddler-speak, looking backwards over her shoulder at my dad.  She turned around and stopped! mid-step and mid-sentance!  Her eyes were huge, just taking it all in!  Soooo much fun!  My iPhone is acting up but as soon as I get it to sync I’ll post pics.

Second, we have finished our foster-to-adopt paperwork and classes!  Troy had to go to San Antonio to take the last class, so we made a weekend out of it.  Davie and I stayed in a hotel and swam all day Staurday while Troy went to school.  On Sunday, we went to Sea World!  Our first family vacation!  It was so much fun!  Davie had a blast.  The dolphins were her favorite.  I’ll have to post pics of that trip, too.

So on the adoption front, all we have left to do is make a photobook (again, as soon as iPhone cooperates we’ll be in business), write a bio for Troy and have our Home Study done.  We’ve been assigned to a case manager, a really sweet young woman who taught some of our foster-to-adopt classes.  I really like her and can’t wait to get to know her better! 

Unfortunately, April is what she calls a “quarterly” month, where she has to visit all of her families, even if there are no children assigned to the home.  So the only time slots she has available are weekday mornings.  Usually I can get a Tuesday morning off (our lightest days at work), but Troy is low on time off.  We’ll have to talk about it tonight and see if maybe we can set it up for the third Tuesday of the month.  I’d like to get on it sooner but I don’t want Troy to run out of vacation time before July.  (We’re going to do the family vacation to the beach thing again this year with my folks and my brother and his family.)

FET:  On Sunday we thawed and transferred the last four of our embryos.  The last four Stacy/Troy embryos that will ever exist, outside of immaculate conception. 🙂  All four of them looked beautiful, so fully hatched that they looked like perfect little figure eights under the microscope.  Dr. Silverberg and the embryologist couldn’t have been happier. 

Somehow we pulled it off so that no one in our families knows.  Our good friend Melissa knows (she’s an embryologist) and BFF Judy knows.  I had to tell my coworker since she had to work alone for a day, but those three are it.  Davie was already staying with my folks for a couple of days, so it worked out perfectly.  I’m glad this last FET with our own embryos was private, just for Troy and me.  It’s not that it’s a secret – I’ve always been open with my inferility story – but if we are not successful it’ll be a relief to grieve privately together before it becomes public knowledge.  And if we are successful, it’ll be fun to make it a surprise!

Lastly – my parents have finally moved close to us!  Troy and I live in Hutto, a suburb northeast of Austin.  My folks moved to Georgetown, another suburb straight north of Austin.  My brother and his family live there, as well as his ex-wife and sons.  I’m so, so happy to have them close!  What an answer to a long, long prayer!  We’ve waited so long to be back together. 

Now we are praying that God will provide a job for my dad and permanent home from them a year from now (they are renting for a year).  I love that I have my mom, my best friend, within 15 minutes of my home!  And now I can pick up my daughter after work EVERY NIGHT!  Thank you, Lord!

On top of all that, our good friend Melissa (the embryologist) is going through a massive break-up.  She and her boyfriend Aaron bought a house together 2 years ago.  All this time, she’s been expecting a proposal any day!  As her career has grown, though, he has become increasingly depressed.  He moved into a spare room and began drinking heavily.  She offered to support them while he went back to school, but he just got verbally and emotionally abusive.  They tried therapy, but he finally told her he wanted out.  The house is in his name, so Melissa had to move.

The past month has been horrible for her.  He has alternated between sobbing uncontrollably that he’s afraid to live alone to screaming obscenitites at her and ordering her out of the house.  She stayed with us as much as possible while trying to pack and find a new place.  The night before the FET we spent helping her pack while he was at work.  He works nights, and while he was at work last night she finally finished packing and called the movers.  This morning, she packed up the truck and left for good by 9am!  I wish I could’ve been there for her but I wouldn’t be much help (can’t lift anything after the FET), and I took off Monday already to rest after the transfer.  Other good friends were there with her, though, and we’ll go see her tonight in her new place.

So there it is!  Pictures to follow!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. katery
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 18:46:48

    sounds like davie’s b-day was awesome! sorry to hear about your friend but good luck with the transfer!


  2. Another Dreamer
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 22:23:54

    Wow, so much going on! It sounds like Davie’s B’day was awesome 🙂 Yay about the foster to adopt classes. And good luck with the FET! Hoping for you!


  3. iamstacey
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 16:09:42

    It was such a sweet birthday! She is just so much fun. Thanks for the well-wishes on the FET!


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