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Exciting news! My parents are finally moving Austin! Woot!

My folks have been living about an hour and a half away from us, in Gatesville. We’ve struggled with child care issues, and my folks have been the only caretakers I feel comfortable having Davie stay with (there was one other close to us but she decided to go back to work part-time, sadly for us). So every Sunday Troy and I have driven Davie 45 minutes up to Temple, where my folks would pick her up and take her to their home to Gatesville.  Then on Wednesdays my Mom would bring Davie back to Austin, picking my niece up on the way. Wed-Fri she would keep the girls at my house during the day, and take Kinley home to my brother and SIL’s at night (they live about 20 min from us).

My dad has decided to officially retire from the church in Gatesville.  It’s been a hard decision for them.  They really believed he would find a church to pastor here in Austin before they left Gatesville, but it just hasn’t turned out to be God’s plan.  It’s hard to understand, and it’s scary that they’ll both be without a job.  But without a doubt it is time for them to leave there and be close to us.

It’ll be scary for a while, figuring out the finances!  Dad will have social security and retirement, and he’s got Medicare going now.  If we can find him a job with benefits, he’ll be able to drop his secondary insurance and put Mom on his.  They’ve been paying for Cobra for her, which is insanely expensive.  Mom has retirement, and they’re checking to see if she can tap into that as well as apply for social security early without too massive a penalty.  Also, my brother and I both pay mom for childcare.  Be praying that just the right job will find Dad soon!

For now, we’re going to put all their stuff in storage by us, and I think my folks may live with us until they have their finances settled.   I would love to live with my folks in a bigger house with a “two masters” or “mother-in-law” style of layout, so they could still have some privacy.  But it just hasn’t worked out for Troy and I to be able to buy right now, although we are working with a financial planner on making that possible in the future.  The place we have now is plenty big enough for the three of us, but it doesn’t offer much privacy with four adults in the house.  Please pray for us that we will be patient with each other and that this experience will bring us closer, not make us tense or frustrated to be together!

I have to admit to having a bit of jealousy towards my parents and their relationship with Davie.  She adores them and often prefers them to us when we are all together.  I know this is common and understandable, and it might happen with any caretaker she had.  She is with them all day long and three nights a week.  They are patient and confident in their parenting skills and have all the time in the world to sit on the floor and play with her.  Of course she is drawn to that.  And my baby girl is so lucky to have FOUR adults who completely and absolutely love and adore her!  But when she cries for them at night, when she clings to my mom when I get home from work, it’s hard to remember that she loves me too.

Speaking of meltdowns, poor Baby Girl is cutting her upper left molar, and it has been brutal. We’ve had the normal runny nose-slight fever-fussy-achy- teeth cutting experience before, but this has reached a whole new level. There have been out-and-out screams for Nana in the middle of the night. Her temp just soars and she flushes bright red all over. Rivers of drool and snot. She slaps at her cheeks and jaws. She’ll beg for food, then sob after taking just one bite. I know she’s hungry but it just hurts too much to eat. We’ve been alternating baby Tylenol and baby Ibuprofen, but it’s been two sleepless nights in a row so far. Troy and I are zombie parents. I would do anything to make it better for her. There’s only one molar left after this one, the upper right. I’m praying it won’t be as traumatic as this one has been!

On the foster-to-adopt front, we finally got confirmation from Pathways that they did get our application.  We start classes next Monday!  Classes are from 6pm-9om every Monday for five weeks.  The Saturday before the last Monday class, there is one class that lasts from 9am-5pm.  It’ll be a long day!

While we’ve been waiting for classes to start, I kept myself busy by trying to meet all of the requirements for the home study.  We’ve had all the fire extinguishers inspected and we bought a fourth larger one to hang in the garage right by the kitchen door.  My girlfriend Melissa came over last weekend and helped me completely re-organize the kitchen cabinets, the pantry, the laundry room and the garage.  They look amazing!  We organized them so that there are no cleaning products and food together, so that all cleaning products are in cabinets that will have locks on them are are stored up high out of reach, and alcohol is in a cabinet that will be locked.  Another locking cabinet has been set aside as a “pharmacy.”  I have adult medicines stored separately from baby ones, and topical creams separate from oral ones.  It was hard to make all the rules work!  Especially since I coupon, and I have a little bit of a stockpile that had to be organized.



Now that the garage is clean, I can schedule a fire inspection.  I’ll be calling on Monday to set that up.  Next payday we’re headed to Babies ‘R Us to pick up a bunch of the no-screw magnetic baby locks.  They’re expensive, but it’ll be worth it to not have to put holes in the cabinetry or furniture.

We won’t have home visits until after the classes are done, so we still have a good month and a half to two months to go before we have to have everything done.  I am a little worried about what we’ll do if my folks are still living with us when it comes time for the home studies.  My brother and SIL have plenty of room and they have also offered my parents their home, so if we get that far and the folks’ still haven’t found a place of their own, we can look at maybe having them stay with them until after we pass the home studies.

Here is my latest couponing score!  I went to Sprouts and to Randall’s.  I got 6 loaves of gluten-free organic bread (it’s what was on sale, we’re not usually gluten-free), two packages of sub-makers lunch meat (over a pound of lunch meat in each), a package of salami, 6 Larabars (haven’t tried one yet), four cucumbers, six yogurts, 6 jugs of grapefruit juice and 2 beef and bean burritos for $25.13 (the two trips combined).  Score!  I throw the lunchmeat in the freezer, and whenever I can pick up pizza dough and sliced cheese for cheap we thaw out the lunchmeat and make calzones or sliders.



Kinley and Davie going for a ride!



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Another Dreamer
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 19:52:07

    That’s great about the classes starting up for fostering 🙂 I hope everything goes well. Also great about getting things organized now- it gives you more time to go over things so you’re not as rushed. And awesome on the couponing!


  2. Amber
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 22:35:52

    Paisley adores everything my mom does ALL the time. Even on her crankier days, she listens to my mom and loves her like crazy. But I felt the same way about my grandparents. I still remember that special bond I had with them. But I still get crazy jealous…


    • iamstacey
      Feb 06, 2013 @ 16:10:49

      I even read the chapter in the Dr. Spock book about attachment, and apparently it’s common and does no harm. All the love a kid gets is good. But it still just crushes me when my mom does the same things to soothe her that I do, but it always works with my mom. *sigh*


  3. Myndi
    Feb 07, 2013 @ 13:37:36

    Totally get the jealousy. I think I’d feel the same way. But you are right that she is so lucky to have so many people who love her. And you have such an awesome support system! Having to deal with the jealousy has to be challenging, but the payoffs are huge as well.

    Congrats on the classes!


  4. Ashley
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 21:21:53

    I’m glad your parents are moving! I know that’s something that you have wanted for awhile. My kids just went on a road trip with my mom and they were so excited to leave I felt a little jealous that they weren’t more concerned about being away from mommy! I love my grandparents so much and value our relationship so I’m glad they have that too, but still, you always want to be #1, right? Good luck with your foster classes! We were foster parents before the twins and it was really hard but also awesome. My best bud just came over today for a playdate and she brought her two kiddos adopted from foster care, they were newborn and 14 months when they came to her, it’s really amazing.


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