I *Heart* Coupons

OMG, my nose just dripped all the way to my lip.  That hasn’t happened since I was 12!  Thank God no one here at work saw it.  I have a cold.  We all have a cold.  It’s totally hubby’s fault.

Anyways … I’ve been couponing for about 4 months now.  Such a blast!  It can be time-consuming, but it fits my OCD personality perfectly.  This weekend I got $70 worth of groceries at Target for $32, including ice cream, four packages of sausage, Father’s Day cards, shredded parmesean, 2 blocks of cheese and toothpaste.  It’s still a bit more than I had wanted to spend – I went in planning to spend $20-25 – but that’s a 53% savings! 

Sunday I went to Walmart in the afternoon.  That was my first mistake – it’s always better to go early, when there are less people there and Davie is in a better mood.  I got half-way through the trip and had to call Troy to come get her.  He was out doing other errands at the same time, so it only took him a few minutes to get there.  For this trip, I got $201 worth of groceries for $68!  Nothing like on Extreme Couponing – I only look for deals on things we use.  Also, we don’t have a Kroger or the grocery stores that they do on those shows.  But it’s definitely helping our budget!    (I didn’t get any pet supplies or baby items this trip other than some Gerber Graduates cheesy poofs, and that makes a big difference.  We stocked up on those items last payday so I didn’t need any yet.  Diapers, formula, pet food and litter always make the bill higher, even with coupons.)

Troy was sick all last week.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief when he started feeling better on Friday – phew, we made through the week without him missing any work and Davie and I didn’t get sick!  Only … Davie woke up Saturday morning completely congested.  She poured snot all day.  By the end of the day Troy and I both had it smeared all over our shirts.  We’re going to have to have the couches and throw pillows steam cleaned just to break through the layer of mucous on everything!  Of course, Sunday morning I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose, too.  Today I’m miserable.  Troy re-caught the whole mess this morning, and tried to convince me we should both call in.  I suggested “car pooling” – Troy thought it was great to be chauffered to work, until Patient Zero realized around 10am that I had trapped him there by dropping him off.  Hah.

Better go.  I’ve been killing time waiting for him to get off work but it’s time to shuttle Mr. Petri Dish back home.  So he can infect my poor mother, who is certainly completely covered in snot by now.  The amount that comes out of my kid … it’s like on Aliens, where people are all crusted to the walls.  I better hurry and break her out so she can help me start dinner before she escapes home.


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