March 2, 2012

Baby Girl turned ONE YEAR OLD!!  It doesn’t seem possible.  We had family over and grilled burgers and had a blast.  I filled the house with pink balloons and streamers.  Pop hung the streamers and Grandma Marilyn made the giant pink poofs and Cayle and Andon stuck up pink “I’m One!” cardboard cutouts all over the house.  (in fact, there’s still a pink #1 on one wall and a pink daisy on another wall I keep forgetting to take down.)  Davie wore a giant, adorable pink tutu, and once again refused to touch any of her cupcakes, which I made and decorated.  Days later we found out Troy’s family was upset with us ’cause they felt like my folks hogged all of Davie’s attention.  Which just makes us grin, ’cause how lucky are we that we have family fighting over who gets to love on Davie the most?

Poofy Pink Princess



our party animal


The day before her birthday we got her one-year pictures taken.  The red and blue dress was my first dress that my mom saved up for and bought for me.  She saved it all these years!


Wearing my first dress




Three generations of Harlans
Troy, Marilyn and Davie Ann





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