Easter 2012

The whole family made it to my folks for the Easter weekend.  Chris and JoAnn even brought her parents!  We were so happy to all be together.

Davie had a blast but wasn’t really sure what was going on.  My nephew Andon did a practice run with her the day before the big Easter Egg hunt at my dad’s church.  As he would search for the next egg, she would sneak eggs back out of the basket and throw them back in the yard.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen poor Andon so frustrated. It was so funny!

At first when she’d find an egg, she would point, squeal and do a little dance.  Then she was over it and ready to go on to something else!  When we got her to start picking up the eggs, then she’d  throw them like a ball.   Finally we got the whole “put-them-in-the-bucket” thing down.

Sorry these are so big.  Thought I did a better job cropping them.   After all that  hunting, Baby Girl was wiped out!

Nana even bought new matching Easter p.j.’s for the girls!

Dude, there are totally bunnies on my feet!

Dude! There are totally bunnies on your feet, too!

Yay! Dancing Bunny Feet!

Dude!  Check out what I stole from mom while she was busy taking pictures!

The next day, we tried the whole egg hunt thing again in Nana and Pop’s back yard.

Unfortunately, she figured out the fastest way to the candy was by stepping on the eggs instead of putting them in her basket.

So that’s what’s inside of an egg!

Yay! Smarties hatch from eggs! Score!

Troy and Andon were wrestling on the couch and Andon’s head somehow busted open Troy’s lip.  I warned him not to post the pic on FaceBook but he didn’t listen.  He’s been tormented at work as the guy-who-got-beat-up-by-a-five-year-old ever since.

Since Chris and JoAnn had her parents in their car, we stuffed the nephews in our car on the way home.  Unfortunately, the dogs did not give up their seat very willingly.

Dobby farted! Noooooooooooooooo!

stop waving it over this way!

The Honda Element only has windows that open in the front … so Troy and I were fine. 😉


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