Hi There

Yes, I have been gone, and I know I have lots of ‘splainin’ to do!  I’m so sorry I’ve been gone, but I’m ready to get back on track!

So much has happened!  Baby Girl is now 13 months old!  I don’t know how I have a toddler over a year!  It doesn’t seem possible she could’ve been here a year already.  She’s a climbing, running, disorganizing machine!  She can open and empty a dresser drawer in three minutes flat!  Scale the stairs as fast as it takes you to blow your nose!  Dance on the coffee table to Super Why in the time it takes you to fill her sippy cup!  We fall exhausted to the floor every night when she finally konks out.  And we couldn’t be happier. 😉

I’ll post pics of her birthday this weekend.  We also took her for one-year photos at Penney’s.  I wanted one of those awesome pictures where the kid is covered in icing as they eat their very own cupcake.  But my kid didn’t want to have anything to do with that cake!  We actually had to hide her cheesy poofs behind the cupcake to even get her to reach for it!  *sigh*

My brother Chris and his wife JoAnn have had their beautiful baby girl!  Her name is Kinley Addison, and she joins my nephews (her half-brothers) Cayle (9) and Andon (4).  She has a full head of soft dark hair.  My mom got to be in the delivery room and she was over the moon to get to see her newest grandbaby arrive!  Kinley was born March 2nd – one day before Davie’s first birthday!  The girls will be exactly 364 days apart!  I’m so glad they’ll get to grow up together.

Daycare is still an evolving process.  We’ve been alternating weeks, keeping Davie in Austin in daycare one week, then Mom keeps her at their home in Gatesville the following week Mon-Thurs (back home with us Thursday night, then mom stays at our house Friday).  It has actually worked out really well – we get a few days to clean the house, have a date night, that sort of thing, then the weekends and alternate weeks are all about Davie.  But our daycare provider in Austin is going through a divorce and has decided to close her daycare.  The search for a new place has begun!  Unfortunately, the places we would trust are either insanely expensive or they won’t take her alternating weeks.  We’re praying God will bring just the right person into our lives!  It’s so hard to trust anyone with our baby girl!

We’re still fostering kitties for Austin Pets Alive.  We have a sweet, pretty little girl named Luna right now.  She looks like a tiny, fluffy Siamese with soft fur and big blue eyes.  She was badly bitten by a dog who took a chunk out of her back right leg and shoulder.  Just as her wounds were healing up, she gave birth to three fuzzy black and white kittens!  So we call her MK (Mama Kitty).  She’s such a sweetheart, she LOVES people food and will jump right up on our chests for loves and pets.  Her kittens are fat and rolly-polly and are just too much fun to watch!  Davie keeps wanting to pick them up by the neck, so for now they’re in a big box in the laundry room (on the safe side of a baby gate ;)).  We have no idea if they’re boys or girls but my nephews are calling them Shamu, Panda and Elsie (sometimes Borden).

We are in the Gonal F phase of an IVF cycle!  My tummy is bruised up one side and down the other.  But it looks like I’ve got about 21 follicles so far.  Not bad for a 40-year-old!  I’ve got mostly 11’s and 14’s, so we’ve still got a little ways to go, but the egg retrieval should be some time in the next week, followed by the embryo transfer.  I’m so excited – and so afraid to be excited at the same time!  It helps to have the kittens and couponing and Davie to keep me occupied. 

Insurance is giving us the usual heart attack.  They approved this cycle, but they’re saying it’s my last.  They made a global policy change last year that allowed everyone to start over with THREE procedures total.  Since we went with IVF, that means three egg retrievals and three embryo transfers.  We used one egg retrieval last year followed by an embryo transfer, then we did a frozen embryo transfer.  Now we’re doing a full cycle again, so we should have one egg retrieval left over (we’ll have to pay for the transfer out of pocket).  However, United is saying that the frozen transfer counts as a full cycle, so essentially we’ve lost an egg retrieval.   BUT – I’m not going to panic.  They say something every single cycle that throws me into a tailspin, and it always works out in the end.  So, I’m just making the calls that need to be made, waiting for the powers that be to get back to me with explanations and clarifications.  God has always worked it out for us so far, so I’m just pushing it to the back of my mind for now.

Lately I’ve been attending meetings for our local chapter of Resolve!  I’ve been to a General Infertility meeting and a 3rd Party Reproduction meeting.  Everyone is so sweet and supportive!  I’d love to go to an adoption meeting soon, too.  I’m hoping to learn more about other people’s infertility journeys, and also about how I can help make a difference in getting fertility coverate for more people, if not everyone!  Troy and I went to a foster/adoption informational meeting for the state.  We learned that fostering is not the right choice for us, but we are more open to adoption (well, I’ve been open for a long time, but Troy is opening up more).  The state mostly places older children and sibling groups, so we learned that we’d probably need to look at a private adoption agency.  They gave us a lot of information and handouts about other private organizations that the state works closely with, so it was really good to go if only to get that information.  I’m so glad we went.

I’ve been going to Austin Sure Shots, and it’s one of my new favorite things to go to, too!  It’s a bunch of women that meet every other Wednesday night and go shooting at Red’s Indoor Range.  I’ve gotten pretty good!  I really love going!  Afterwards they have demonstrations or short little classes, then it’s out for burgers and beer!  I’m hoping to learn more about basic gun care and to keep getting better with my aim.  It’s made up of all sorts of women – from professionals in jewelry and high heels to women with pink hair and tattoos from head to toe.  And it’s a blast! (no pun intended ;)).

I have a new obsession!  COUPONING!  I LOVE it!  It totally fits my OCD personality.  I don’t get deals anywhere close to what they got on the show, Extreme Couponing, but I’ve gotten pretty good at finding good deals.  We’re spending a lot less on pet food, litter, diapers, formula, cleaning products and frozen foods.  It all adds up!  And we’ve gone in with my parents and bought some things in bulk – meat (from a butcher), sugar, flour and rice.  Then we divvy it all up, and so far we haven’t had to buy more!  I’ve added a section to my blogroll to add in the couponing blogs I follow.  When I find really good deals I’ll post pics here.  Just last night, I got $109 worth of products at Target for $0.81!  That’s a 99% savings!  I usually average between 40 and 60% off, though.  But even that really helps!

Tonight we’re headed to a baseball game at the Dell Diamond, which is just 10 minutes from our house.  The Round Rock Express play there.  Tonight, one of our patients who is a special needs patient is singing the national anthem!  Everyone from my office is going, even the doctors.  Hubby Troy is going to meet me there, and Davie and I will pick up my girlfriend Melissa on the way.  I think even my friend Judy will meet us there!  I’m so excited!  Hot dogs and junk food and baseball!  And, it’s take-your-dog night!  Yay!  So – if I don’t get pics up tonight, I definitely will this weekend.

Ya’ll have all been very missed!  Please forgive my absence, there’s lots of reasons but no good excuses.  Much love to you all.


Edited to add:  I JUST got a call back from our United rep, and we DO have this cycle covered, plus one more egg retrieval!  Thank you, Lord!  Relief!!!


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. katery
    Apr 18, 2012 @ 17:49:49

    so good to hear from you, i’m glad things are going well, good luck with this cycle!


  2. Pie
    Apr 18, 2012 @ 20:00:39

    you must have heard me thinking about you earlier this week, saying “i wonder what happened to stacey!!” so glad to get your update, i can’t wait for pictures too. good luck with this cycle, and hooray for pestering your insurance until they got it right.


  3. Kari
    Apr 19, 2012 @ 06:09:12

    Great to hear from you!! Toddlers can keep a Mama quite busy!! Good luck with your cycle!! Wishing you lots of success and a happy healthy 9 months to follow!!


  4. Good Timing
    Apr 26, 2012 @ 17:28:25

    Welcome back! I thought you fell off the face of the earth! So glad to have an update from you! I look forward to more. 🙂 things are going well here, adjusting with the new baby boy and trying to write his birth story! 😉 my how the time flies…..


    • iamstacey
      May 01, 2012 @ 15:54:03

      I can’t wait to read his birth story and see the pictures! I’ll be doing that tonight! I’ve thought of you guys often and I’m SOOO happy for you guys!


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