I’m the Germist Woman, Ever

So, to recap the last two weeks,
  • I had major dental work twice in the two weeks, with a week of antibiotics in between.  The last procedure was the evening before the transfer, so I didn’t take any pain meds during the healing process (which took another dang week)
  • my boss threatened not to give me the day of the transfer off, waiting until an hour and a half after the thaw order for the embryos was put in before finally agreeing to let me off
  • Troy and I were hit by the worst 24hr stomach bug the day before the transfer.  Fortunately, it was all out of my system by the time of the transfer
  • Three days after the transfer, just as my ribs stopped hurting from all the vomiting, I caught a crazy sinus infection.  Sinus infections are annoying, but usually I just complain my way through them.  But this time, the headache was so bad I actually threw up – at work.  So embarrassing.  I left work and went to the doctor, and he basically said he couldn’t do much for me since I might be pregnant.  So I went home and threw up all night. 

Today I’m much better.  And the best news of all of this is, baby girl didn’t catch either the 24hr bug or the sinus infection, which is a miracle since mom caught them both.  The worst part is, while I was throwing up the last two days, I thought maybe, maybe, I’m pregnant and this is the start of it.  Now I’m not throwing up any more, and I’m actually a little sad about that.  Go figure.  Cruel virus, either way. 😦 

On the FET front, no bleeding so far.  Still taking Crinone and Estradiol twice a day.  Haven’t tested, not once.  Trying my best to hold out for Sunday. 

Yesterday was Baby Girl’s EIGHT MONTH BIRTHDAY!  How can my tiny baby be eight months old already?!?  To celebrate her new milestone, she cut her first tooth!  It’s her right bottom one.  And, she waved bye-bye for the first time!  And, she climbed two stairs before I caught her!  STOP all that growing up, now

first tooth

Davie Ann has become such the big helper!  This week she helped sort the bills:

I got this one for ya. And BTW, I look like a boy in these pajamas. Just sayin.'

She helped reprogram the TV:

Ha! You thought I couldn't reach the remotes, but you were WRONG!!! Bwahahaha!!

She helped put away the dishes

Hmm, all these pots look better out here on the floor

She was such a big help putting away the groceries

I'll just check this one for freshness

And she got the laundry all sorted in no time

Can you believe these were all just thrown in a box? So messy.

She helped put the dogs up when we went out.  Why is my daughter wearing overalls with no shirt or shoes?  Because her daddy dressed her, that’s why.  (Note the liquor bottles above the dog’s heads.  Yep, we’z classay.)

Hillbilly girl wants to know who put the dawgs up??

And she was glad to help when I caught the sinus infection

Here, I'll share one of these with you.

Once I got all the wet Kleenex out of her mouth, she helped remind me to take my Crinone before bed:

Are you SURE this isn't the end it goes in?

After all that excitement,  she was ready for Halloween!  We went to the fall festival at my parents’ church Saturday night.

First lollipop with PopPop

She caught a duckie and won a teddy bear

These suckers don't know I practice this one in the tub every night!


I R E A L L Y want to pull mommy's earrings

Monday night, Mom, Davie and I went and met up with my nephews, Cayle and Andon, and went trick-or-treating with their mom, Alison.  Troy got off work later, so he stayed home and handed out candy.  Moo was nice enough to help Troy with the basket until we put the candy in it.

Moo loves Nana's basket. Nana does NOT love Moo's fur in the basket.

Cayle was a Special Ops dude

I don't know how the poor kid could breathe

Andon was a character from G.I. Joe.  I pathetically have no idea which one.

Troy says it's Snake Eyes, or something like that

Davie reprised her most adorable little witch costume.  Doesn’t she work it well?

Moo got it right, Halloween IS all about the basket!!

And there’s my life for the past week.  Wonderful and icky all at the same time.   Thank you all so much for all the wonderful well-wishes and good lucks. 🙂   I’ll be catching up on everyone’s blog tomorrow, but for now, I’m the only one still awake, so I think I’ll go snuggle down in bed with my hubby and Moo, dogs in their bed on the floor, and Davie all snuggled in her crib at the end of the bed.  Good night, all!





4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sunflowerchilde (Stacey)
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 23:18:52

    Thanks for all the pics! Davie’s such a cutie pie. Good luck, can’t wait to hear about the beta!


  2. iamstacey
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 13:21:50

    I’m keepin’ my fingers crossed!


  3. Another Dreamer
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 01:44:32

    Ah, man. Hope you’re feeling better! You got hit pretty hard there. Sorry your boss was being like that. Loved the photo show!!! Sooo adorable. Davie is so CUTE when she’s “helping” you lol. Moo is a cutie too, reminds me of my Dinah.


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