Wow, What A Week!

In the past month, Troy has had several headaches and migraines in a row, so we made him a doctor’s appointment.  We figured it was stress or he needed to have his blood pressure medicine adjusted.  He hadn’t seen a doctor since we moved to Hutto a year ago, so I set him up with a new doc here in town.  Since it was their first visit, the doc wanted to be thorough and ordered a CAT scan, which surprised me.  Troy is quite the hypochondriac, so I really wanted to be careful we didn’t spend the last of our flex care spending (money we set aside each year for health purposes) chasing harmless headaches – especially when I’ve earmarked what we’ve got left for the FET.

We finally heard back from the doc, and although they didn’t find a cause for his headaches on the CAT scan, they did find a condition called a venous anginoma.  It sounds scary, but it turns out its a fairly common abnormality, a small tangle or knot of veins that can occur in anywhere in the brain.  About 1 in 50 people has one or more, and most never know it, but find it when actually looking for something else (which is what happened in this case).  It doesn’t require treatment, isn’t life-threatening and usually has no symptoms.  At first they told us it was a type of benign tumor, which totally freaked us out.  But once we got a better understanding of what it was, we felt calmer about it.  We have a follow-up in November with a neurologist, just to cover all the bases.  Of course, I felt terrible thinking I didn’t want to waste our finances on chasing stress headaches;  but I have to admit, I’m glad we didn’t end up having to dip into the FET fund. 

Next, I lost a piece of a filling in one of my lower back teeth.  It was really temperature-sensitive and was aching, so I made an appointment with the dentist.  I had just had a yearly check-up in May with a new dentist in Hutto, so I really didn’t think anything major would be wrong.  But I have to admit that although the dentist was a nice enough guy, I felt like he wasn’t really paying attention, like he sort of half-assed the check-up.  So, I made an appointment with a different dentist.  And it turns out, I was right about the first guy!  I had not one, but TWO cavities in that tooth!  Argh, those needles at the dentist are so horrible.  I hate going to the dentist.  They ended up making a huge sore on my tongue with the drill (it was numb so I didn’t know it at the time).  My tongue hurts more than my jaw.  And, it cost $130.  So much for me making Troy feel bad about having extra medical bills this month. 

And then there’s the next day … argh, this is the worst … I managed to stick myself with a dirty needle at work.  Fifteen plus years I’ve been doing this job, and I’ve never stuck myself.  I still can’t believe it happened.  I know it’ll be fine, I’m immunized out the wazoo and the patient doesn’t have anything bad, it’s just frustrating.  So I had to report it to the safety nurse, see a workman’s comp doc, have blood drawn, and fill out mountains of paperwork.

The weekend has gotten much better, though.  Thursday evening Troy, Davie and I met up with my folks, my brother Chris, his wife JoAnn and my two nephews Cayle and Andon at Applebees.  JoAnn’s birthday was Tuesday so we all got together to celebrate.  She is sporting a little baby bump! 🙂  They get to find out the gender next week, so I think she’s getting close to five months.  Mom dressed Davie up in a Halloween outfit, just to get more use out of it.  It’s these adorable orange and black striped hose with a black tutu.  She had a onesie with a black cat on it and an orange bib with a little witch in the front.  And Aunt JoAnn brought her the perfect matching Halloween bow!  It was so fun to be together with family.  We want to start doing family dinners at least once a month.

Davie loves her cousin Cayle


JoAnn, Chris, Cayle, Andon, Mom, Davie and Dad


The best thing on the menu, IS the menu!


Best seat in da house


niece/nephew bump watch begins!


My in-laws Jim and Marilyn came on Saturday and spent the day soaking up Davie time.  I love to see them bonding with her. 🙂  They brought three big packages of Huggies diapers and an Elmo doll!  Davie LOVES her some Elmo.  She grins whenever we sing the theme song to her.  It’s funny how fast it gets stuck in your head.  Troy and I were doing errands the night before, and as he was driving around he was humming it under his breath for a good fifteen minutes before he realized that’s what he was humming.

Today we went to church and sunday school with our friends Mike and Lorelei.  They are doing really well as a family after a rough couple of years.  Mike was one of Chris’s best friends all through high school and beyond.  Lorelei is the sister of one of Chris’s closest childhood friends (Mark).  They all got married, then started having kids around the same time.  Then Chris went through his awful divorce with Alison, his first wife, whom he caught in several affairs, one after the other.  Through all of that Mike was Chris’s #1 friend and supporter.  But then about a year and a half after the divorce, it came out that during that time, Mike was one of the guys Alison fooled around with.  Later the story got more sordid as Lorelei found out Mike had been seeing women from the internet, as well.  We all thought for sure they would get divorced, too.

But I’m happy to say, they have worked hard on putting their marriage and family back together over the past couple of years.  They attend church every Sunday morning and night and every Wednesday.  It’s actually a church Troy and I had been going to before we moved and we had invited them to join us there a few times.  Now, they are the regulars!  At first it was hard for me to let go of the hurt Mike had caused my brother.  I know that sounds weird, I should be mad for Lorelei, and I was – but – Lorelei has chosen to forgive her husband, and I respect and support her decision.  But my brother was deeply hurt by Mike’s betrayal and letting go of that has been harder for me.  I don’t think Chris will ever forgive Mike, but he’s fine with the rest of us having a relationship with them.  They’ve been a huge part of our lives and we do miss them.  We’ve known Lorelei since she was five years old, and Mike since he was 15.  It’s still a little awkward, but it feels good to be re-building bridges.  And to be getting involved in church again, too!

All done up in her Sunday bling!

Now everyone’s asleep … Davie is snuggled in her crib, the dogs are snoring on their pillow next to our bed, Troy is snoring much louder beside me, and Moo is stretched out right between us.  Now is when I miss my furry girl Lila the most.  She would be curled up in a tiny ball right on the other side of me, waiting for me to lie down so she could sleep on my back.  All this sleepiness around me is infecting me, I do believe I’m going to close my eyes now.  Sleep tight!

PS – Thursday morning is lining check day!  Then maybe just a week after that will be the FET!!

PSS – I’m going to post this tomorrow (Monday).  I wanna add pics and Photobucket is being a pain in the ass so I’ll mess with it tomorrow.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. katery
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 14:27:04

    sounds like it’s been a stressful time, hang in there!!


  2. LowFatLady
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 16:43:32

    Wow what a week. I’m glad everything turned out ok! Davie is getting so big and she is so cute 😉


  3. Aisha
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 22:35:46

    What a week indeed 😦 I’m so sorry!!!!

    I bet Davie helps ease all the frustration a bit—-And WHAT A CUTIE! That smile is precious!!!!!


  4. Another Dreamer
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 18:03:12

    Yikes about the dirty needle stick! Hope everything is okay with that. Sounds very stressful overall with the expenses and medical stuff. Hope it gets easier soon.


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