Love Letter to Davie

baby girl for you i have a love like no other love;

i thought i knew what it would be like but it’s beyond what my mind and heart had ever imagined.   you are so beautiful, so beautiful, you take my breath away, i’m obsessed with every part of you

from your long toes to your round baby feet i love to nibble

to your chubby thighs i can’t help but squeeze;  you love to “walk” – we hold your fingers and you stick your legs out straight like a little soldier and march proudly from one of us to the other, squealing and laughing in delight

to that baby bubble butt I can’t get enough of –  i follow you endlessly with the camera just to film your booty as you crawl after the animals tirelessly;  i wonder, will you have a bubble butt like me?

to your perfectly round baby buddah belly, there aren’t enough kisses and raspberries to satisfy my craving for it, and that adorable outtie belly button, i can’t wait ’til you ‘discover’ it

to those soft baby hands and long fingers with a tiny dimple at the base of each one;  you reach up and touch my face and i kiss your palm

and your head, oh that baby head, with your fuzzy halo of blonde hair that just now can hold a bow, and your perfect little pink lips – when we say “kiss, kiss” you plant big, slobbery, coveted open-mouth kisses on our chins;  oh, those soft round cheeks, a thousand kisses aren’t enough;  and your big blue eyes with lashes that stick together with tears when you cry and dissolve me

my perfect tiny human being, you own me.

to hold you while you sleep on my chest with my lips touching your head and breathing in your scent is a heaven i thought i’d never know

Davie girl i want you to know that you are loved, you are the center of the universe for me and your daddy and nana and pop pop, we can’t get enough of you, we can’t love you more, then we do, every day

i fear i may never be the mother that the perfection that is you deserves, but for all the rest of my life i will try to repay

this debt that i will forever owe

to have known this love like no other.


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