We’re so glad that my father, being a pastor, was able to perform Davie’s dedication at my dad’s church two weeks ago.  There’s a video of it below.  There was another couple dedicating their little boy at the same time.  It goes on a bit long, but if you watch for just a minute it shows Troy’s mom and step-dad Jim in the audience.  I’m so happy they were able to be there! It was such a special experience for us.  It meant so much to us as a family and to the church family.  Although it doesn’t really show in the video Davie is wearing Troy’s christening gown from when he was a baby.

Davie is changing so much already!  At six weeks, she is just starting to notice toys.  There’s a giraffe hanging from her car seat that plays a chime when she hits it.  She’ll accidentally hit it, then just stare as the chimes ring!  She also watches her mobiles now.  Just tonight Mom put her on her tummy mat and she was fastinated every time her little arm bumped a toy!  Mom and Dad are staying in town tonight.  Tomorrow they’re going to help my brother and SIL pull out some old, dead bushes in front of their house so they can do some new landscaping.

Tummy Time just got more interesting!

Sunday the Texas Fertility Center (where Davie was concieved) is holding their annual Baby Reunion.  All families who have babies who were concieved there by any means (Clomid, IUI, IVF, etc) are welcome.  They have all kinds of activities for the kids and meet-and-greets with the docs.  We’re going to dress up Davie and get her picture taken with Dr. Silverberg!  It’s so surreal that we’re going to this.  I just can’t wrap my mind around it.  It’s us – how did we get so lucky?  It still doesn’t seam real, like it’s all a dream.

Our good friend Melissa has just gotten a job with Austin IVF, the andrology lab that does the sperm counts, washes and preparation for all of the Texas Fertility Center’s procedures and does all the embryology for the IVF’s.  She’s been there for two months now and is really loving it!  It’s so weird to think that when we try for #2 she’ll be the one playing with Troy’s, um, donation!  Talk about knowing your friends too well.  Anyways, she’ll be volunteering at the Baby Reunion (it’s put on jointly by TFC and Austin IVF) so we’ll get to hang with her a little there! 🙂 

On Monday, I’ll see Dr. Silverberg at TFC for a Meet-The-Baby/Consult appointment that I actually made a month and a half ago, before I found out about the Baby Reunion.  I would’ve had to make the appointment anyways for the consult part.  We’ll get to start planning #2!  TTC rollercoaster, here I come. *sigh*  I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.  While some of the angst has gone out of the ride, I feel the clock ticking louder than ever.  I will be fourty in June.  40!!   I know our efforts will take time, focus and finances away from Davie, which weighs heavily on my mind.   How will I make it to all of the monitoring appointments with no PTO (paid time off) left?  Will our jobs still have patience to work with us as we go through this process?  What if we go through all of this and are never lucky again?

Even with all the doubts and worries, I know I want to try again.  While trying for Davie, I wanted so badly to be ok if we were never successful, but honestly, it would’ve broken my heart.  It’s hard to skate so close to that hurt again.  I do think this time I can say if we aren’t successful, I’ll be sad but it’ll be easier than if we didn’t already have Davie.

On Monday I’ll also meet with the insurance counselor at Texas Fertility Center.  When we left them last year after I was pregnant with Davie, we had just found out that our insurance was going to change their policy consider Austin IVF as out-of-network.  A new RE had just come into town and United decided the new guy would be the in-network guy, because he has his own andrology lab, while TFC uses Austin IVF, which doesn’t contract with any insurance.  United will still cover my doc appointments, drugs and ultrasounds (there are co-pays on the drugs, of course), but we’ll be paying for the IUI’s and sperm preparations out of our own pocket.  We can do that for the IUI’s, but there’s no way we could afford IVF.  But if we go with the new doc, the IUI’s are still out of pocket (we’ve exhausted our coverage for IUI’s), but we still have two more tries at IVF that will be covered by insurance. 

Basically, we can afford about two, maybe three IUI’s with TFC, but if we’re not successful we’ll have to go to the new guy for IVF.  I don’t want to do this for two major reasons:  1.  I love Dr. Silverberg and he got me pregnant with Davie.  I’m comfortable with TFC and I have a history here.  2.  the other guy is really based out of San Antonio, which is about two hours from us where we live just north of Austin.  His andrology lab is acutally in San Antonio.  How can the sperm counts and preparations be accurate if they have to travel to another city?  We’ll have to pay for lodging and gas to go to San Antonio for the procedures and on weekends for monitoring (they aren’t open in Austin on the weekends).  I’m willing to do it if that’s what it takes, but I hope that things have changed and we’ll be able to stay with TFC.

I’ve finally stopped all spotting.  Wore white undies for the first time this week!  I had my six-week check-up and annual exam with Dr. Breen (the OB) on Wednesday.  Got the ok for sex, but Troy has come down with a terrible cold and has no interest!  I was so uncomfortable the last two months of pregnancy … argh, it’s been almost four months now!  Waaaaay too long.  And it was off and on the whole pregnancy – I was sick so much, I didn’t have much of a drive.  Well, it’s back in full force now!  Troy had better get well, quick.  I need to get him a steroid shot or something.

Breastfeeding is wonderful and I love every minute of it.  I breastfeed her on demand, and pump after every feeding.  So I spend a lot of time either attached to a baby or a machine!  But it’s totally worth it.  I love it that sometimes the only thing that makes her happy is mommy’s boobie.  I still don’t make much – maybe a fourth to a third of her intake – but I can see in her poop she’s getting a lot of breastmilk and that makes me happy.  The bonding is amazing.  She’s amazing.  Mornings are my favorite – she’s so happy and coos a lot and smiles tons now!  Evenings are sweet – she’s fussier, but when she calms down and gets sleepy, she looks like a little baby doll and my heart just melts.

The breast reduction I had four years ago is one of the best things I ever did – and yet, I regret it a little now.  I wish I had married and had babies earlier so I could’ve breastfed them before the reduction.  I wonder if I would’ve been able to provide all their milk if I hadn’t had the reduction.  I’m still on Reglan to help increase my milk supply, and it seems to have really helped and I so far I haven’t had any side effects.  I think I’m making as much milk as I ever will, though.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. linds
    Apr 16, 2011 @ 23:43:31

    Can’t wait to see the video when you get it posted. Dedications are so special and always make me tear up at my church. 🙂 And so exciting to be thinking about and planning for #2! I have faith! Have fun at the Baby Reunion, what a cool idea!!


  2. Kari
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 11:31:28

    She is absolutely beautiful!! Glad she had such a special dedication. How cool about the Baby Reunion!! Sounds fun!! Our fertility clinic doesn’t allow babies inside so LD wont get to meet the miracle docs who helped make him. I can’t imagine TTC#2 yet so I admire you for getting right out there & getting started.


    • iamstacey
      Apr 20, 2011 @ 20:39:52

      I would love to wait longer but I’m almost 40 already! 😦 Davie is so amazing, I’d love to have 2 or 3 years with just her first.
      The docs said getting to see the babies and families is the best part of their year! It just confirms to them how much of a difference their work makes. The docs at your clinic are missing out!


  3. Low Fat Lady
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 19:59:01

    Glad that things are going so well. I wonder if my center does anything with a baby reunion sort of thing. I haven’t heard anything though I don’t have a baby so who knows lol.


    • iamstacey
      Apr 20, 2011 @ 20:42:58

      One of my girlfriends, Melissa, works at the sperm lab for Austin IVF and she volunteered at the Baby Reunion. If she hadn’t told me about it, I wouldn’t have known! I’m so glad I went, though. There was a link on the Texas Fertility Website called Events Calendar and it was in there, though. I didn’t realize they have weekly podcasts, too!


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