The Good and The Bad

I’m talkin’ about pictures!  But I’ll get to that in a minute.  Everything with Little Miss Davie is going good.  Some days I feel a little overwhelmed, but it’s usually just tiredness.  And I love every minute with her, even the frustrating or exhausting ones (I’m talkin’ daily fussy time from about 7 to 10).  But honestly, I don’t want maternity leave to end!  Mom went home today but she’ll be back next Wednesday.  So this will be my longest stretch without mom here!  Hopefully Davie and I will both survive. 🙂  I can’t believe today is her 1 month birthday!  It doesn’t seem possible she’s been here four whole weeks.

The Good:

I got Davie’s picture taken when she was 8 days old at J.C. Penneys, and they came out wonderfully!  I’ll post the pics below in honor of her one month birthday.  They actually had me sign a release so they can use her pictures in contests and promotional materials!  Our little girl is already a model! 🙂  And, I got a coupon for so much off our next photo session (I’ve forgotten what it was, but I do love me a good coupon!).

Breast feeding is going worlds better!  I still can’t provide all of her intake, but we’ve gone from about 1/4th of her intake being breastmilk to about 1/2.  I love it!  Thank you so much Wombded at for all your guideance and advice!  I appreciate you being my #1 cheerleader! 🙂  I cherish every minute Davie and I get to spend together breastfeeding.  There’s so much sweetness and bonding – and it really makes fussy time so much easier.  Usually breastfeeding calms her right down, even if she doesn’t fall asleep.

I went to see my boss this week, and I’ll be returning to work on May 16th.  That will be about 10 1/2 weeks of maternity leave, and it will give me time to get through Davie’s 2 month appointment, where she’ll get her first immunization shots.  I’m a little nervous about the vaccinations (and about returning to work – but that’s a whole other post).  We have some good friends whose daughter had a horrible reaction to the pertussis vaccine.  Now her daughter is 34 but mentally is still at 3 to 6 months of age.  But she was a normal baby until the 3rd vaccination.  I’ve talked to the pediatrician about it and she says the vaccine is much different now that it was then, but I’m going to watch Davie’s temperature carefully after she gets the shots.  I also talked to the doc about Davie’s formula, and she switched her to Enfamil GentleEase.  It seems to be much easier for Davie, or maybe it’s due to the increase in breastmilk. 

Last night, my folks stayed overnight with us (mom had already been here, helping us out) and my brother’s two sons, Cayle and Andon, stayed too.  We had so much fun at our sleep-over!  My brother had been on a SWAT mission since 3am, so he was glad to get a good nights’ sleep.  But first, he and JoAnn came and ate dinner with us.  On the way to our house her passed a fellow DPS officer, Mark.  (Mark and Chris actually grew up together, and Mark lived with us off and on growing up, and came back to the States with us when my folks moved back to Texas from the Philippines.)  Chris and JoAnn were in Chris’s new truck, and when he passed Mark giving a ticket out, he gunned the motor, flipped Mark off, then revved the motor and peeled out!  Of course, Mark thought he was now chasing a bad guy, so he followed Chris all the way to our house before realizing he was just chasing a fellow officer!  What dorks.  So of course, Mark came in and had dinner with us, too. 🙂  (Side note – Mark and his wife Jen had a really hard time getting pregnant with #2, so they went on Clomid and after many tries, now have boy/girl twins.)  We all had such a great time visiting!  I love having a house full of family and good food.   Makes my heart really happy!

Cayle and Andon are so fastinated with Davie!  Cayle loves to feed her and gently stroke her head.  Andon isn’t much into touching her, but he thinks it’s hilarious when she flails around and bonks herself in the face!  He’s also really good at running dirty diapers to the trash (not sure how we fooled him into that one, but I’ll take all the help I can get! ;)).

Cayle feeding Davie

Dad with Cayle and Andon holding Davie


On to The Bad:

In February, Troy and I had maternity photos taken.  A few months before I had joined a MeetUps group in Austin called Austin Parents of Infants and Toddlers – Austin PIT.  They have lots of great ideas for get-togethers that are pregnancy, infant or toddler- based.  The moderater recommended a photographer to the group who had taken photos of her own baby.  It sounded like a great idea at a great price, so I decided to use her, Kat from Kat Evertsen Photography at

Kat and her husband lost their baby, Alex, a few years ago to a heart defect.  You can read his story here, at .   I’m so sorry for their loss and for this heartbreaking tragedy they’ve suffered in their lives.  In order to continue giving back in memory of Alex, they started this photography business to allow them to donate and to take teddy bears to babies in the hospital. 

I loved the idea that they came to our home to do the photos.  Christina at The Subfertile Frugalista ( did this for her daughter Wren’s baby photos, and I just LOVE the way they turned out.  So I thought I’d give Kat a try for our maternity photos, and if they turned out great, we’d have her come back as soon as we got home with our new baby and have her take the newborn photos.  If we didn’t like the photos, we’d be out Kat’s fee, but it was really reasonable so we could just let it go and have the photos re-done at Penneys.

Well, it’s been since February, and the photos still haven’t appeared.  Davie came two weeks early, and our chance to have the maternity photos re-done at Penney’s has vanished.  I’ve contacted Kat through her phone, her blog (the one for Alex is still up but she has disabled her current blog), Facebook and email.  I did catch her once on the phone and she agreed to meet me two days later, and she never showed.  Next I contacted the moderator of Austin PIT, and she was outraged and offered to take Kat to small claims court on my behalf. 

I don’t want that, though.  I don’t care about the fee.  I just want the photos.  Those memories are precious, and we can never get that time back.  I have so few pics of myself pregnant.  I didn’t worry about taking too many at home, because I knew we were going to have those professional pictures taken.  I am so heartbroken.  If something happened to the photos and they’re just gone, I wish she would let me know so I can grieve their loss and move on.  Please, please get professional maternity pics taken, and don’t wait too long to have them done.  That time is gone for us and we can never get it back.  I may never be pregnant again.  I can’t believe I let something so precious just slip through my fingers.  I was too trusting and naive.  What a fool I am. 

I know I have to let it go and move forward.  There’s nothing else I can do.  So to let it go, I’d rather post pics of my girl!  I don’t want to associate our joy in Davie with the disappointment I’m feeling about the maternity photos, so I’ll do her pics in a separate post below.  If baby pics are hard to take, don’t feel bad about skipping the post below!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kari
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 01:20:00

    She’s adorable!! I hope you get your maternity pictures. What a bummer. We didn’t do maternity pictures(I can’t stand pictures that I’m in), but they are usually so beautiful to look at. So glad the breastfeeding is going better!!


  2. katery
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 21:17:19

    i’m so sorry to hear about your pregnancy photos, that is such a bummer 😦 i do hope you end up getting them eventually.


  3. Another Dreamer
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 21:37:34

    Cool about her photos at JC Penny… but sad about the maternity photos 😦 I’m so sorry to hear that, I really hope you get some closure soon on those!


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