‘Tis Pee or ‘Tis NOT Pee, That Is the Question

This morning I woke up to soaked panties.  Sexy, eh?  It was odorless and colorless, but it wasn’t a lot, so I was completely confused as to whether it was amniotic fluid or pee.  So it was off to the OB’s office again.  My sweet co-worker Jeannette lost her uncle to cancer just the day before, and it was my job to pick up the flowers on the way to work, and I did that on the way.  I also grabbed a mocha frappacino from Starbucks – before you judge, it was for medicinal purposes only.  Hadn’t poo-ed in almost 4 days.  If labor was on the way, I wanted to get that mess taken care of.

They fit me in with Dr. Carter (my OB was out), and I immediately fell in love with her.  She’s so sweet and so funny!  I kept apologizing, telling her I was sure I had just peed myself, I just didn’t know for sure.  She did my first cervical check and reported, “Well, it’s not amniotic fluid, but it’s not pee.  You’ve lost your mucous plug and some fluid that was built up behind it.  Also, you’re dilated to a 2, 70% effaced, and the baby is at the +2 station.”

Instant panic.  “Oh, no, I’m not due ’til at least the 10th.  And first babies are usually late.  So we might make it to the 15th and then we’ll have another paycheck in the bank.  And I haven’t bought sheets for the pack ‘n play, and I haven’t gotten my nails done, and, and and…”

She says, “First of all, take a deep breath.  And secondly, let me give you a reality check.  You’ve got about 48 hours.”


So I went to work.  Finished going over leave protocol with the boss.  As the day went by, I had cramps that got progressively worse.  But I’ve heard contractions described as waves that go from the top of the stomach down, and I was feeling more of a period-like cramp that started in my back and rolled around to the lower front of my abdomen.  By the time I drove home, they were about 30 min apart.

This past weekend, I worked my regular weekend night shift, and Mom and I did some great Craigslist shopping.  My mom loves to shop, and nothing gets her salivating faster than a great bargain.  I’m so proud of myself, I found some great deals!  A pack ‘n play for $30 that is an adorable sage plaid and has a teddy bear mobile.  An un-opened starter kit of BreastFlow bottles with all the extras – normally about $45 but I got it for $15.  A Diaper Genie Elite II, also never used, for $15 (normally $30).  Two extra bases for my car seat – one for mom and one for Troy’s car – normally $60 each but I got both for $25.  We also walked around Ikea and got lots of good ideas.  I think all the walking might have contributed to the cramps.

To show you just how much I am my mother’s daughter, on the way home I met up with another woman who sold me a $51 Avent bottle warmer for $15.  Cramps and all, I still shopped.  That’s how hard-core I am. 😉  I also have had two visits with the prenatal chiropractor and a prenatal massage.  Those might have contributed to the cramps, too.

At home, Troy made me french fries and we had a slice Edward’s chocolate mousse pie (my dinner request). 🙂  Then we watched One Born Every Minute (also my request.  I am so spoiled.).  OMG, why do the epidurals NEVER work on that show??  By the time it was over, my cramps were 6 min apart, so I called the on-call OB and she said to go in to L&D.  I had a doozy of a cramp in the front yard, and we ended up just standing in the middle of the yard with me bent over for about 3 minutes.  Ugh.

Got to L&D and FINALLY the Starbucks worked.  Oh, thank you, Lord.  Then, my cramps began to get farther and farther apart, and I was so embarrassed – a false alarm due to constipation?  Argh.  But by then, my blood pressure had started going up, so they decided to keep me for the night to monitor it.  My folks got here around 2am, but I sent them back to our house to get some sleep.




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  1. Kari
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 12:19:05

    Ok I am going to be glued to this computer awaitng your birth announcement!! I can’t wait to hear. In those last weeks I was convinced my water broke over and over again. I think I was probably peeing myself too. When it really broke their was no mistaking it!! Hope your blood pressure is on the way down. Good luck and may your labor be everything you are hoping for and more!!


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