25 Weeks

i got the best spot in the house

Poppy is back!  Since my dad has been sick off and on, my folks have decided they’re not going to take their two cats Annie and Poppy back.  We were lucky to get our own four animals on the lease at our new place, so we’ve been trying to find homes for Annie and Poppy in the family.  Fortunately, Annie has settled in great at my brother and SIL’s.  They’ve taken such awesome care of her and she has really blossomed with all the attention!   My nephews just adore her.

It’s become more and more obvious to us that Poppy really wants to be an only child.  She’s aggressive and hyper for weeks at a time, then she gets depressed and hardly moves.  I hate seeing her so unhappy! 😦  It just breaks my heart.  We give her all the attention we can, but it seems that to give her enough to be happy, we have to completely ignore our own animals.  I’ve sometimes found I’ve gone days without even petting the dogs.  Moo gets attention when he wants it, but he’s pretty independent.  Lila is my 10 year old girl, and when Poppy is around, she becomes invisible.  She deserves more love and attention in her old age!  Since my FIL Jim is retired, we had hoped she’d get a lot more attention there than she does with us.  But they have several animals, too, and the change was too much for her.  She lost TONS of weight, and of course they were worried about her, so she’s back with us.  I’ve been talking to a good friend who breeds Abbys, though, and she is searching for the perfect only-child home for Poppy.  Hopefully near to us so we can visit her often.  I wish so much she could be happier with us!

Little Lila, my pretty girl!

I'm such a pretty girl

We had Thanksgiving at Chris and JoAnn’s and it went great!  My folks were there, SIL JoAnn’s folks and her brother and sister and her sister’s boyfriend, plus Troy and me.  My nephews were with their mom , and we missed them!  We ate and ate and watched football, then in the evening we watched the very first Harry Potter movie.  It was such a good time with family! 

On Wednesday before Thanksgiving I had an OB check-up appointment.  Everything looks right on track!  It turns out, all the pain I’ve been having on the left side is due to the round ligament stretching out as the uterus grows.  Some days it’s just a twinge and I barely notice it.  But the last couple of days, it’s been pretty overwhelming.  A couple of Tylenol or a soak in a warm bath always help.  The doc said it will usually go in two week growth spurts at a time, where it will really hurt, then it will ease for a while.  Just as long as nothing is wrong with the baby, it’s definitely do-able.

After that, we went to see the endocrinologist who has been treating me for hypothyroidism.  She specializes in treating infertility, so we decided to get Troy on board.  She took blood to check his testosterone and vitamin D, put him on a diet and prescribed him extra vitamin D and Clomid.  I’m hoping we’ll be able to try for #2 before next year is over, so it’ll be good to have both of us in good shape by the time we’re ready to TTC.  She’s prediciting that his sperm counts should go way up by then.

You betta not post this pic!

Poor Dude got himself in trouble today trying to snitch “treats” out of the kitty litter box.  Eww to the max.  He’s pouting in time-out. 

i just wanted a little snack!

Mom has been encouraging me to start a baby registry.  I still have 3 1/2, almost 4 months to go.  It still doesn’t feel real … seems to soon … I think that’s the IF in me, but I don’t want to jinx anything.  I think I’ll take her with me to register next weekend, then I’ll have it over with.  It’ll be good to have an idea of the basics we need to be sure we have by the time the baby is born.  I think it’s probably going to be pretty overwhelming for me. 

The bare bones of the nursery are in place.  We have the crib and the changing table, a rocking chair and little side table.  Troy and Jim are going to build a shelf with squares in it to put toys and books on.  I’ve bought some baskets to go in some of the squares to hold little toys, like matchbox cars.  We still need to get decorations, a crib mattress and a dresser.  I bought a crib set I love off Craigslist a long time ago in a fit of optimism.  It’s red and white, partly checked, partly solids and partly polka-dots.  The baskets I got for the shelf are red with red and white fabric liners.  I found some red cushions for the rocking chair online.  Now that I see it all together, the red and white theme seems a little more feminine than masculine.  But if we end up having a boy I can always add some navy accents to make it more boy-ish.

Mom brought me this totally awesome sock monkey last weekend!  I love sock monkeys!  And it’s red and white!  Just too perfect! 

Love the Sock Monkey!

We went to see the latest Harry Potter the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  It seemed a little draggy in parts, but the action scenes were awesome, as always!  And it’s the perfect set-up for the big finale next year.  We’ve been watching the Harry Potter movies a little bit each day, and we just finished the Goblet of Fire (the 4th one) this afternoon.  They seem to grow up so fast when you watch the movies in a row.

Still working on finishing up the house since the move.  All I have left to do is hang pictures and decorate upstairs.  I’m hoping to finish that tomorrow.  Next weekend Mom is coming into town to keep the nephews while brother Chris plays a WOW tournament (omg, what a nerd ;).  They’re going to come over and help me get the tree out and decorate for Christmas while Chris plays.  I’m really excited to spend a whole Christmassy day with the nephews! 🙂


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kari
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 00:28:25

    Congrats on 25 weeks!! Sounds like you had an enjoyble holiday!! Hoping Poppy finds the perfect only child home. Honestly I’m surprised at just how little time I have to give my kitties attention since LD came. They went from being my spoiled babies to me barely having time to feed them most days. I keep hoping I’ll strike a balance soon and be able to payu them a little more attention, but certainly feel guilty in the meantime. That sock monkey is too cute!!


  2. Shannon
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 08:46:51

    CONGRATS! I’ve been so absent that I didn’t know you were pregnant. So excited for you!

    Poor Poppy! I found a stray a few years ago who needed to be an only child with lots of attention, and a friend suggested I post pictures around independent senior living facilities. It worked – she’s very happy now.


  3. Pie
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 10:19:44

    Poor Poppy! All my cats have been only-child cats, they would truly not be happy with other animals. We’ll see how she does with a baby sister!

    25 weeks!! You are doing great! And yes, registering will be totally overwhelming, but you will need a bunch of stuff. It always amazes me that a tiny baby needs so much stuff!! So go with Mom, and get it done.

    Love the red and white theme – very cute!


    • iamstacey
      Nov 29, 2010 @ 13:24:26

      Just the thought of all we’re going to need to get exhausts me! It’ll be fun – at least educational – to go with mom. 🙂 She’s a shop-a-holic, I know she’ll definitely wear me out!


  4. Myndi
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 01:06:30

    25 weeks!?!?!? Have I been gone that long? You’re past viability! You’ll be in your third trimester soon! Wow, wow, wow! I just can’t believe it. So, so excited and thrilled for you!


    • iamstacey
      Nov 30, 2010 @ 11:25:55

      I can’t believe you have THREE babies at home! It’s crazy how fast it all happened! Although, I’d imagine it didn’t feel fast to you, bless your heart!


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