Halfway Thru the Week

Moo was in a sweet, snuggy mood this morning.  He decided to help me break in the clean sheets with a little Moo fur. http://mookitten.wordpress.com/

Moo LUVS clean sheets

After work, he helped stomp down the trashbag of bubble wrap while I unpacked.

You'll never see me in here!

He’d wait ’til we pass by and then bite our toes thru the plastic!

Dobby contributed by smooshing down the bags we’d already opened.  Just the thought of unpacking tuckered her out.

Don't ever move again!

 I’ve had a small cramp in my groin on the left side since we re-arranged the garage last Sunday evening.  Over the last few days, the cramp-ish feeling has been moving up my left side all the way above my bellybutton.  I’ve been getting up slow and it hasn’t been too bad.  I called the OB RN today.  She said to come in so they could check for blood in the urine, spotting and to listen to the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler.  But I’m low on time off and I already have an appointment with the OB next Wednesday.  I did a UA on myself and there’s no spotting or blood in my urine.  Also, I listen to the heartbeat on the doppler every night, and the heartbeat has been ranging from 130-145 at 8:30 at night.  She said everything sounds fine, and honestly, crampy-stretching aches are completely normal.  So, I’ve decided to hold off ’til next week.  I did ask her to add an ultrasound to next week’s appointment.  Just to be sure!


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  1. Kari
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 21:48:24

    Sweet little Moo!! Hope the crampy feeling disappears soon. LD used to kick me or wedge himself against nerves and that would create a sensation that sounds similar to what you’re experiencing. Those little ones are living in cramped quarters. Can’t wait to hear about your next appointment!!


    • iamstacey
      Nov 18, 2010 @ 16:25:19

      It’s not too uncomfortable, I just wanted to be sure it didn’t mean there was something wrong with the baby, you know? Other than that, it’s definitely bearable, just a little uncomfortable from time to time. Seems to be getting better today!


  2. onegoodegg
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 05:22:54

    OMG! Is that a french bully? A brindle one? They are so cute. My local petstore has one (or was supposed to get one) this past Sunday but I havne’t gone to see her yet. I want to though! I think they are so cute.


    • iamstacey
      Nov 20, 2010 @ 00:53:56

      she’s adorable – until she starts farting and snoring! Omg, that dog can pass some wicked gas. But at least her snoring drowns out my husband! 🙂


  3. linds
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 14:46:18

    Cute little furbabies!! 🙂


  4. babybaker
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 19:17:11

    your lil guys made me smile!

    hope the crampy situation settles down!


  5. Moon
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 17:54:37

    Aww, how cute are your fur-babies!
    Hope you’re feeling better now 🙂


  6. Aisha
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 20:48:30

    The first pic of your kitty looks like a painting! Beautiful!

    Hope that pain goes away- I’m sure like you think- its probably nothing!


    • iamstacey
      Nov 27, 2010 @ 00:15:16

      turns out it was just round ligament pain. It’s not bad at all, I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t the baby in distress. Knowing it’s normal makes it totally all a-ok!


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