…Almost There…

Omg, I swear time is speeding up!  The days are really flying!  Poppy is helping me post tonight:

Let me help you with that post

Even after spending almost $1200 on my Ford Explorer before Christmas, it started giving us trouble again! 😦  My friend at work Shenekia gave me the name and number of Big Eddie, a friend of hers who works on cars on the side to make a little extra money.  Troy and Big Eddie spent all day Friday working on it, fixing the water pump, the brakes, the rotors and the heater.  We bought the parts, and Big Eddie did the work for $2oo!  He and his wife are raising their grandkids, and he was really glad for the extra cash, and we were so glad for the help!  Overall we spent about $450 – definitely a bargain over taking it back to the shop!

I spent the day at the fertility doc’s office and the salon.  I keep trying to convince myself it’s “highlights” I’m seeing glinting in my hair, but I finally admitted the grey is winning the war.  I love my new color!  It’s really dark brown underneath, with lowlights and highlights around my face.  They cut off about 3 inches and gave me layers around my face.  I really love it!  I meant to get a pic, I’ll try to do that shortly.

Friday evening Troy’s parent’s came into town to visit for a couple of days.  I just love spending time with them!  They loved Moo and the new kittens.  I don’t know how many times I caught Jim on his hands and knees playing hide and seek with Moo!  Jim and Troy workied on Daisy the VW bus, and they’ve figured out how to fix the heat on the bus, too!  I’m so happy!  All it needs is a new switch so I just need to get on the net and find the part.

Kelly is getting more mellow every day!  I’m starting to have a little hope we may tame the wild cat yet!

Marilyn taught Moo a new hobby – sewing!

I'll try from up here...

no, you do it like this...

 Then he took a short break from sewing to steal part of my omelette.

i'm starving after all that sewing!

This morning when I got home from work, Troy and and went to church.  I forget how great it makes me feel when we take time to go.  Our good friends Mike and Lorelei are going through some marriage struggles.  She sent me a text asking me where we were currently going, and I sent her our church’s website http://www.victorybyfaith.org/.  Sure enough, they were both there!  I’m so glad!  I love them both so much and I really hope they can work through their struggles.  Then it was off to the fertility doc for yet another ultrasound!

So close to IVF!   The bad (or perplexing) news is, since my E2 skyrocketed and then Dr. Silverberg lowered my Gonal F dose, my estrogen level has never really recovered.  I made it up to 2100 at one point, but as he lowered my dose, it fell to 1700 to 700 and today it was 670, even though the last dose of Gonal F was upped again.  The follicles on the left ovary didn’t grow much, and the majority of them are 14’s and 15’s.  I asked if one last big dose of Gonal F would help give the follicles one last growth spurt, but the doc said that once they stop growing, they don’t usually grow any more or start growing again.  Good news is there are 20’s, 18’s and 17’s on the right.

I’m really disappointed the doc cut my dose, even having me skip a few doses.  I still have at lease 17 good possibilities, but that’s half what I started with.  I just had a feeling it was a bad idea to cut the dose so drastically, but I didn’t know enough to question it.  I will definitely be more proactive (is that another word for argumentative?) if we end up here again.

Although the doc and the RN’s seem confused by the drastic drop in my estrogen level and don’t seem to know why it never rebounded, they are sure I didn’t ovulate on my own, and they want to go ahead with the egg retrieval on Tuesday.  I want to be really excited about it, and I am, but just tonight I’m feeling a little discouraged.  I think the excitement will build up again tomorrow.

So tonight is the trigger shot, and egg retrieval is Tuesday morning!  I’m not supposed to eat or drink after midnight tomorrow night, and we check in to the St. David’s Women’s Center Tuesday morning at 8.  Please Lord, let this be our time!  I’m not nervous about the egg retrieval itself, but I’ve had really bad reactions to anesthesia in the past and I am worried about that.  Last time I puked for 12 hours after surgery!  That’s a lotta pukin’.

When we got home from the doc we spent about 3 hours with Troy’s folks before they headed back towards Dallas.  I appreciate them so much!  I wish they were closer!  Moo and Marilyn had a little play time before they headed out.  (You may wanna turn down your volume.  Troy and Jim were watching a loud scifi movie in the background.)


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. meinsideout
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 00:03:44

    Good luck!

    That is crazy about your estrogen level. I *think* – reaching back into my memory from 3.5 IVFs – that there should be at least 150-200 and up to 600 units of e2 for each mature follicle. I canceled a cycle and wish I would have canceled the first one because of my e2 levels and follicles.

    I would definitely ask your RE about the e2 levels and correlations to mature follicles.


    • iamstacey
      Mar 01, 2010 @ 23:25:18

      I emailed my IVF nurse today, and she talked to the dr. They agreed that although my E2 dropped, it was due to the drop in Gonal F doses and not due to a loss of follicles. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’re right!


  2. Michelle
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 06:08:34

    Good Luck with the egg retrieval. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

    The kittens are so cute!


  3. Myndi
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 10:25:50

    I’m sorry that you are feeling discouraged. I imagine I would feel exactly the same way! Still, 17 is an awesome count. Even 10 is quite wonderful. After all, they won’t put them all in! Still, I get it. I really do. And I hope that you feel better about it soon. 🙂

    Best wishes on ER! Look how far you’ve made it!


  4. Katie
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 11:52:28

    Good luck with the ER! I’ll be sending good thoughts your way!


  5. Low Fat Lady
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 18:32:54

    Good luck with your retrieval. I hope they get lots of great follies and the anesthesia doesn’t bother you too much. It sounds like you still have a good amount of follies to work with even with your e2 levels. Such a cute kitty helping you blog 😉


  6. stacey
    Mar 02, 2010 @ 16:42:04

    Praying that all will go well with your retrieval today! Thinking of you! Hoping for NO PUKING! 🙂


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