Today’s Egg Count

At today’s poontang peek-a-boo visit, I learned that:  my Estrogen is now a hopeful 159, lining is 7.1 A (I’ve still gotta look up what the letter means);  the right ovary has now pulled into the lead with two 11 and one 10 follicle (and several smaller ones); and the left ovary is lagging behind with two 7’s, a 6 and several smaller ones.  Looks like we may make it to the finish line with more than one egg this time!  Woohoo! (Amendment:  the appointment was yesterday.  I was typing this out while lying in bed last night when poof! the laptop ran out of power.  And I was too relaxed to drag my lazy butt into the living room to get the power cord.  Besides, it’s hard to move 2 dogs and three cats, and if I leave they’ll take over and I’ll never manage to reclaim my spot.)

In lieu of having anything more exciting to report on the IF front, I’ve decided to post random animal pics.  ‘Cause who doesn’t love pics of happy, adorable, fuzzy animals? 

Here’s Troy the day after surgery.  Sweet Dobby snuggled in next to him.  The other animals came and went in intervals, but I had to make Dobbs go out to pee.  She loves her some Troy.

Troy post-sinus surgery with Dobby

Troy post-sinus surgery with Dobby


I know it’s hard to see, but Poppy found a gecko on the screen (upper left).  She kept making weird noises and randomly launching herself head-first into the window.  Fortunately, she doesn’t seem any more “special needs” than she was before the repeated head-knocks.

Only amateurs let windows get in the way of attacking prey!

Only amateurs let windows get in the way of attacking prey!


Aren’t these gerber daisies cheery?  I just fell in love with the bright yellow and orange!  Usually they’re $8/bunch but I got them for $4.  My awesome MIL bought me the vase at Goodwill!  It matches the daisies perfectly!  It’s my favorite vase!

Poppy on the table – again.

Yeah Im on the table again!  Hahahaha!

Yeah I'm on the table again! Hahahaha!


Lila hanging out dangerously close to the vase I brought back from our honeymoon cruise.  I think I bought it in Honduras, but it might have been Belize.  WHY must she hang out next to the pottery?

Looks like it would roll really great...

Looks like it would roll really great...

Lately our girl Annie has been a little lethargic.  She’s always been the sweetest, quietest one, so much so that it would just crack us up whenever she’d get a wild hair and do the “kitty skitz-out” (cat owners, you know what I’m talkin’ about).  She never met another animal or person that she didn’t love at first sight.  I took her to the vet just a month ago for her yearly shots and check-up, but I’m concerned enough that I’ve made another appointment.  Her tummy feels a little lumpy.  I’m hoping it’s allergies and not a lump like the one that took my kitty girl Johnnie Doe last year.
Sweet Annie, sweetest, lovingest kitty Ive ever met

Sweet Annie, sweetest, lovingest kitty I've ever met

Our little foster girls are doing great!  The mama is tiny – not much bigger than her baby girl!  Mama’s name is Padme and the baby girl is Ewok (named by Troy, I’d just like to clarify that).  When we first brought them home we kept them in our spare room as they have to be separated from the rest of the zoo for at least two weeks.  We found that they pretty much just hid under the bed.  It’s hard to socialize cats when you’re just poking at them from arm’s length.  So with more than a little drama, we moved them to the spare bathroom.  I know it seems mean, but they seem a lot calmer in a small space, and it’s a lot easier to interact with them. 
Little mama Padme

Little mama Padme

At first they’d freeze when we’d pet them, and stare at us with huge, terrified eyes.  But yesterday when I hung out with them for a while (brought my phone into the can with me and chatted with Mom), I realized that they were both purring and closing their eyes!  Then Padme actually stretched her booty up in the air for a good back scratch!  It felt so good, really good progress.  They’re learning how to be loved on!  I’m slowly introducing toys, but so far they’re pretty much just scared of them.  Even the laser dot on the floor hasn’t gotten too much reaction yet, and that one’s usually irrisistable to cats (and dogs … truly hilarious on slick floors).
Our fosters Ewok on the left and Padme on the right

Our fosters Ewok on the left and Padme on the right

They hid in the cat box for the first day.  Finally I figured out that if I took the lid off the litter box and laid it on top of the kitty bed, they’d move to the kitty bed.  They just wanted a den to feel safe in.
Ewok looks so tiny in the kitty bed!

Ewok looks so tiny in the kitty bed!

When I got home, I could tell one of the dogs had messed in their kennel (guess how I could tell).  When Troy made it home shortly after I did, I gave him the choice of litter box duty or dog kennel clean-up.  He chose dog poo, so I grabbed a plastic bag and headed off to scoop cat nuggets.  Suddenly there comes a strangled half-yell, half-gag from the other room … turns out, they must’ve gotten into something disgusting, because BOTH dogs had a case of explosive diarrhea.  Unfortunately Troy thought it was only Dude, so he let Dobby out of her kennel, only to find himself surounded by puppy-poop paw prints.  And Dude’s kennel is mesh … you wouldn’t believe how far a bulldog’s bunghole can fling poo.  After a lot of Clorox, vinegar and carpet shampoo, we washed both dogs outside with the hose.  Then I made Troy strip and I hosed him down, too.  Moral of the story:  always choose the cat shit.
I made Daddy cry!

I made Daddy cry!

I bet I can reach that camera if I jump right....

I bet I can reach that camera if I jump right....



I take pussy-cat Annie to the vet tomorrow, then take my pussy-cat to Dr. Silverberg’s on Saturday.  Hopefully we’re getting close!  I’m almost out of Gonal F.

20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. meinsideout
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 06:49:01

    I hope you are close too – damn – I have a vial of gonal f – it is yours if you want it – not sure if it would make it there for this cycle – if not, you could use it for the next one – which I hope you do not need!


  2. Sweet Georgia
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 08:35:15

    Hope all of those eggs catch up! All of the pictures are blocked for me at work (should be working, but I’m surfing right now). So, I’ll have to check them out when I get home. Hope Annie is ok and it’s just allergies. Glad Padme and Ewok are starting to settle in!


  3. Pie
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 09:32:21

    C’mon eggs, grow! Good luck at tomorrow’s appointment.

    And I love the kitty and puppy pics! Although the explosive poop story was a bit disturbing. 🙂


  4. Ashley
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 10:51:39

    Yay for the eggs, estrogen and lining! Keep truckin’! You must have a lot of patience to have all those animals. I love the pic of your hubby after his surgery. I’m sure he appreciates you posting that! 🙂


  5. Kate
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 12:01:37

    fingers crossed for you!

    thanks for the pics of the furry animals they’re too cute 🙂


  6. Low Fat Lady
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 19:40:44

    Cute animal pics 🙂 I will have to post a pic of my kitty sometime soon. Here is an article that talks about soy and fertility. I hope it helps. You can probably find one that is more scientific out there.


  7. katery
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 19:49:33

    oh my god those dogs are soooo cute! i’ll see if i can find a suitable envelope to send the goods in tomorrow.


  8. emilythehopeless
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 21:18:58

    BABIES!! 😀 love the pictures!!


  9. drmkg74
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 02:33:29

    YAY for the great news!

    Your animals are just so cute and those flowers are GORGEoUS!!


  10. myndful
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 13:04:04

    Glad to hear it sounds like it’s going to be a great cycle! Multiple follies is fantastic!! When do you anticipate the IUI? Can’t be far off, right?

    As for the animals, very, very cute. Been meaning to ask what kinds of dogs you have. They are adorable and just the right size!


    • iamstacey
      Aug 29, 2009 @ 21:36:29

      I’m hoping for two or three eggs, since my eggs are older and probably won’t all fertilize. Looks like the IUI will be next weekend!

      Thanks, I think the doggies are awfully cute, too! They’re French bulldogs – Dobby is a female brindle and Dude is a fawn male. I always wanted a dog, but Troy didn’t really want one. So I had to find one that was small and easy to handle but wasn’t too girly. They’re just a little bigger than pugs. Now Troy and the dogs are super tight! 🙂


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