No TV Sucks

Our DVR broke last night – and we had NO TV!!!  It was traumatic!  Plus, it has half a season of Rescue Me and all of this season of The Closer on there!  Aaaargh!  I was just getting caught up!  Troy works for the cable company – you’d think we’d have built-in cable service but nooooo, didn’t quite work out that way.

This was me and Troy last night:

Life Without TV

Life Without TV


Yes, that’d make me the buddah-belly’d cat.

Speaking of, the cats have somehow mastered the microwave!  Troy grilled chicken last night using a yummy BBQ sauce.  We put the extra ones in the microwave while we were eating to keep the cats of them.  The cats go NUTS if we make fish or chicken.  We watched a movie in Troy’s room while we ate (due to the NO TV issue), then headed to the kitchen to wash dishes – and found the cats in the microwave with the chicken!  I’m serious!  How did they open the door?  Doo-doo-doo-doo (Twighlight Zone theme).  At least they didn’t close the door behind them and get stuck in there.  Needless to say, there’s no left-over barbequed chicken for lunch today.  Bah.


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pie
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 09:02:50

    wow! those are some tricky cats! Did they sprout thumbs? my cat can open drawers. she is obsessed with elastic hair bands, and will open the drawers i try to hide them in. very tricky!!


  2. D
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 09:05:05

    wow you have some smart cats….they are probably watching everything you do….don’t let them know your ATM pin numbers LOL. hope you get a new dvr soon….even though the stuff saved is lost, you can probably catch the reruns (hopefully)


    • iamstacey
      Jul 22, 2009 @ 15:49:54

      oooo, didn’t think about the pin numbers … maybe that’s why we got that strange charge for anchovy pizza? 🙂 I’m hoping I can find episodes online, too. *sigh*


  3. Kristin
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 14:54:54

    Hey! I gave you an award!


  4. Michelle
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 15:22:21

    OMG no DVR that would be a nightmare! I don’t know what I ever did without that thing.


  5. meinsideout
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 18:31:17

    That is so funny – my cat Sophie used to crawl into Dorito bags and the like – she loved salt!

    I hope the cable situation gets straightened out!


  6. Lucy
    Jul 23, 2009 @ 14:53:36

    great cat pix!

    Yes, ICLW is about leaving comments. Click the icon for it on my blog, it will take you to Stirrup Queen who runs ICLW.


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