On With the Show, I Mean Flow

I work an extra job on the weekends, and at the end of my shift Sunday morning, I took a serum pregnancy test.  It was a qualitative (yes/no) test, not the quantitative kind of test, so I didn’t get a number but I did get my BFN, not pregnant, nothin’ there, nope, you gave up alcohol on the 4th of July fer nothin’. 

Got home by 8am, said goodbye to my in-laws who had stayed with us all weekend, and crashed out.  Suddenly wide awake at 10am with shockingly intense cramps.  And again at noon, and again at 2.  I finally got up at 2 and figured this had to be AF, so I took a Darvocet (which my most awesome OB/GYN gave me for just such occasions).  Aaaah, sweet relief.  I even recovered enough to enjoy some Chubby Hubby and a little afternoon delight with DH.  🙂

Finally, around 10pm last night, the first hint of AF appeared.  Fortunately I’d put a light days in my white undies post-delight.  Sure enough, there it was, that smudge o’ red-brown. 

Although I’m disappointed, I’m also relieved.  Ready to roll on to the next round.  I’d hoped for the best this round, but I wasn’t bettin’ the farm on a BFP.  For starters, my lining never got over 7.  Also, Troy’s morphology was low the day of the IUI.  Lastly, this was our first round with the RE, and he did say he learned a lot more about our fertility issues this first time.  When he saw  I had a slow ovarian response to Clomid, he wanted to try something completely different the next time.

So really, this feels like a fresh start.  Our first round completely on Dr. Silverberg’s protocols.  I called his RN Keri first thing this morning.  She called back to let me know that of course, he’s on vacation all this week.  But he wants me to do a round of injectibles (-ables?) with a double IUI after trigger.  And the injections start Wednesday, so I have to go to “Shot Class” tomorrow at 1pm!  Fortunately my most wonderful boss was able to work it out for me to be off in time tomorrow afternoon.  I’m lucky I amuse her with such short notice like that.

So tomorrow at 1pm I go to Shot Class to learn how to give myself shots.  They also teach us what to expect in terms of fertility response and side effects.  Then I’ll have an u/s with Dr. Vaugn, who has temporarily been assigned to me ’til Dr. Silverberg gets back next week.  The other 3 ladies that I work with that are also going thru fertility treatments all see Dr. Vaughn.  They say even tho he’s got a bit of a terse bedside manner, he’s a genius at knocking women up.  Sounds like a winner to me!

Keri also sent my insurance information to their department that deals with the injectable drugs.  They’ll check into my insurance, then find which drug distributor works best with our insurance.  I hope our insurance just pays for it and we don’t have to pay up front and wait for reimbursement.  I wonder if the drugs will get here on time?!  Keri says to start the injections on cycle day 3, which would be Wednesday!  We’re counting today as CD1 since I didn’t start last night until 10pm, and even then it was only light spotting.

So I’m excited!  I love it that things are going fast now that the 2WW is over!  Life seems good. 🙂

Oh!  Please head over to Breeder Beware’s website (http://breederbeware.blogspot.com/) and wish Celia a HUGE hug and lots of congrats on her BFP!!  Woohoo, Celia!  You rock, Mama!  🙂  Send all your left-over baby dust my way!


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  1. myndful
    Jul 13, 2009 @ 12:23:15

    Sorry about the BFN, but glad to hear you are so positive about the next cycle! The 2ww is the worst, especially when it’s your first cycle with IF treatments, and I know how much relief it is when you get that clean slate. Wishing you tons of great luck in this next cycle!!


  2. Michelle
    Jul 13, 2009 @ 14:09:10

    I am sorry about your BFN but it sounds like you learned a lot and are moving right along. I hope the injectibles are just the right thing for you and your next round is the one. sending you all the Baby Dust and good luck!


  3. Pie
    Jul 13, 2009 @ 14:20:11

    I’m sorry to hear of your BFN. It is true, docs can learn so much from how you respond to various protocols, I’m hoping the injectables will do the trick for you guys. Good luck at shot class!


  4. iamstacey
    Jul 13, 2009 @ 14:32:08

    Thanks, Michelle and Pie! I need all the babydust I can get! 🙂


  5. Katie
    Jul 13, 2009 @ 14:43:32

    I’m sorry about the BFN. Good luck on your next IUI. The shots are easier than you think. 🙂


  6. meinsideout
    Jul 13, 2009 @ 17:52:36

    I am very sorry about your bfn – I hope that this next cycle is it. The shots are not bad at all – I did them for three and a half IVFs – so long as you are not on PIO, it should be all good.


  7. emilythehopeless
    Jul 13, 2009 @ 21:16:17



  8. iamstacey
    Jul 14, 2009 @ 06:07:38

    Thanks, Emily and Insideout! I’m definitely disappointed, but it’s good things are moving fast now, keeping me occupied!


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