RIP, Little Pink Bunny

So Troy and I were teaching our new card game, I Buy, to our friends Melissa and Aaron this afternoon when all the sudden Canine Conflict 2009 erupts in the living room (accompanied by kissy noises rather than gunfire).  By the time the war was over, all that was left of Little Pink Bunny was her kissy noise maker (we pried from Dude’s mouth), one arm (pried from Dobby’s mouth), and globs of stuffing.  Best we can figure, Dobbs picked up LPB, and Dude took offense.  The search for a new stuffie for Dude begins.  Hopefully one without a noise maker of any kind.  But Little Pink Bunny will always live on in our hearts.
Little Pink Bunny goes to stuffie heaven

Little Pink Bunny goes to stuffie heaven

Annie and Poppy watch with disinterest from a safe perch

Annie and Poppy watch with disinterest from a safe perch

I ate Little Pink Bunny!

I ate Little Pink Bunny!


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  1. Molly
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 21:30:52

    Oh, we could never have a stuffed animal for our dogs! 🙂 Penelope, our golden, could probably handle it, but our black lab mix is a destructor… he’s killed all those un-kill-able dog toys. And ironically, he’s afraid of babies. Hmm. It’s going to get interesting around here when we finally get around to that baby-making thing!


  2. Barefoot
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 23:21:08

    I saw your post and was worried that Little Pink Bunny was one of your pups! Glad to see that only stuffies were harmed in the making of this blog post. 😉


  3. Pie
    Jul 06, 2009 @ 09:11:20

    I love the cats’ reaction. It’s like they are saying “Dumb dogs. Now you have no toy. Boy, I’m sleepy.”

    Great way to pass the 2ww time though!


  4. Astrid
    Jul 06, 2009 @ 11:49:33

    RIP little pink bunny. I have a whole trunk of those little lost souls. I keep thinking I’ll mend them someday, but when I do get around to getting out my sewing kit and spend an hour on those toys, guess what ends up happening, torn to shreds again in five minutes flat. Flying zebra man, rope tailed bird, Molly the wel!s f@rgo horse, green snake…No more stuffed animals in our house either until and unless we have a non-fur baby.


    • iamstacey
      Jul 06, 2009 @ 12:23:00

      I have a feeling when we have a non-fur baby all the stuffies will have to stay up on shelves … and there’s bound to be casualties despite best efforts! 🙂


  5. katery
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 15:58:50

    omg that third picture is HI-larious.


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