Sat., 6/27/09 Oh, I Get it Now

In this past year of trying to conceive (unsuccessfully, obviously) I’ve never experienced a true two week wait.  Because I wasn’t actually ovulating, I’d usually spend the time from right after my period ’til the next one searching for any sign of ovulation.  AF only comes about every 6-8 weeks, so that’s a lot of ovulation kits and looking for signs!  I’d be concentrating so hard on looking for that elusive smiley face on the OV kit, for EWCM, ovarian ache, tender boobs, etc., that I’d end up running right into the next cycle.

Yesterday (Friday) was cycle day 18 for me.  I called the Keri, my nurse at the RE’s office, to let them know that I still hadn’t had a positive OV kit.  She asked me to come in at 3:13 pm to get intimate with the plastic wand.  Dr. Silverberg noted that I still have no activity in the right ovary, but the two follicles on the left side are now measuring 26 and 22 mm.  My uterine lining is a disappointing 6.9 (they usually like at least a 7, but thicker is better). 

Dr. Silverberg noted that I seem to be lacking the ability to produce an LH surge (no, really?), which is apparently regulated by the hypothalamus in the brain.  He prescribed me an injection of 0.5 Ovidrel to make me ovulate.  I ran across town to the nearest People’s Pharmacy, the only pharmacy chain in Austin that stocks Ovidrel. 

My Mom was passing through Austin today to pick up my nephews (my brother and SIL need a long weekend to put up new siding).  Whenever Mom comes through town she always stops at our place for an hour or two to let the dogs out to potty and to help us keep up with watering the garden (and to snag fresh tomatoes off the vine :)).  I asked her to wait at the house to help me with the injection.  Now, I work in a lab and I can even draw my own blood, but the thought of sticking myself in the stomach with a needle … gaaa!  Turns out, it’s actually less painless!  I didn’t feel either the needle or the fluid going in.  I was shocked!  I ended up giving myself the shot while Mom cheered me on.  Thank you for the support, Mom!  Troy would’ve fainted out cold.  Now that I’ve done it once I’ll be able to do any future shots on my own.

About half an hour after I took the shot a moderate headache started.  I’ve taken a few aspirin over the past few hours and it’s kept it at bay.  I’ve also been slightly nauseated a little soft in the stools (oh, sorry TMI warning just a little too late).  But, I should clarify that I’ve been a bit short on sleep this past week, and when I get really tired I have the exact same symptoms so it could be the fatigue instead of the shot.

 Another side-effect that is unique, though, is a feeling of swollen heaviness and tenderness  in my lower abdomen.  After work today Troy and I had a date to see Transformers 2.  At one point I had to make a potty run (that movie is frickin’ long!  but is also a lot of fun).  TMI alert:  when I wiped, there was a huge glob of EWCM on the paper!  So that’s what it’s supposed to look like!  Even now at work, everytime I go it’s there!  I’m leakin’, wish I’d worn a light pad.  Now I actually know what I’m looking for!

The IUI is next!  My date for sex with a plastic tube is set for 9:30 am Sunday morning.  Did ya’ll know RE’s work on Sundays?  Who’da thought?  Who’d want to get up early on the weekend to shoot up womens’ utes with spooge?  I’m so glad there’s someone who does.  Speaking of spooge, Troy has to collect his specimen and deliver it to the semen center by 7:30 am.  I’ll be at work from 7pm Sat. night ’til 7am Sun. morning, and I’ll go straight from work to the the RE’s office and meet Troy there.  Hopefully I won’t drowse off during the deed!  Wouldn’t want to hurt a sensitive catheter ego.  And then, my first real 2WW ever!

The RE did tell me that he feels he has learned a lot about our infertility issues this cycle, especially the delayed ovarian response.  Even if we’re not successful this round, he already has a whole new plan set up for the next cycle.  It’s good to know he wants to keep moving forward aggressively, and it’ll definitly make it easier if  I do see AF in the next coupla weeks.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. katery
    Jun 27, 2009 @ 09:02:45

    yea, that’s exciting! good luck with this cycle, maybe it will be the one!


  2. Kate
    Jun 27, 2009 @ 14:13:48

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!! I remember seeing EWCM once and thinking “oh so THATS what it is.” All the other times I was fishing in the dark. Oh well. Now you know! :)) Good luck.


  3. iamstacey
    Jun 27, 2009 @ 20:25:02

    thanks, ya’ll! I’m really hoping this is our round! But if not, at least I’ll know what I’m looking for from now on!


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