Tuesday, 6/16/09 I am the Grim Reaper of Laptops

About 2 years ago I bought my first shiny new laptop ever.  I loved it!  I still do!  I do wish it had more room to store random tidbits of info I find pertinent or entertaining, but it has a big bright screen that’s great for my aging eyes.  Unfortunately, one of those tidbits I found so entertaining had a virus hiding in it.  Now my shiny happy laptop is sitting on top of Troy’s to-do pile.

Right about the time my laptop died, Troy had to get a new Apple laptop for work when he was promoted to a new department.  Fortunately they have an employee discount when purchased through the company (those suckers are expensive!).   So I’ve been using his old laptop (I say old but it’s a year younger than mine) ’til mine makes a come-back.  So I fired it up Sunday evening to report in and … the screen never came on.  At all.  *sigh*  Troy couldn’t figure it out so he took it to work with him today to see if one of his geek squad co-workers could figure it out (you guys rock! :).

Schlitterbahn was a blast!  We all had so much fun!  My parents were there, as well as my brother, his wife JoAnn and his two kids (Cayle and Andon), Troy and I and a family that were friends of JoAnn’s in high school and were visiting Austin.  They have a little boy who fit right in with Chris’s kids!  Our friend Mike joined us later in the day with his daughter, Cassidy.  Mike and Lorelei just had their second, Aislinn, two weeks ago.  Apparently the hardest part has been keeping Cassidy busy, so both Mike and Lorelei were so glad to wear her out at the park!  We were having so much fun I forgot to take any pictures!

We played in the kid’s section, all rode the lazy river together, ate all day and even went on a few of the big, tall water slides!  I have to stick to the tube slides.  They’re a blast – ’cause I can’t see what’s coming up!  Also, I don’t want to be one of those unfortunate few who end up on msn.com:  “38 year old woman falls off Schlitterbahn slide and dies on impact.  Park officials can’t figure out why her wide butt didn’t stick to the tube.  Investigation pending.”  We’re thinking about getting season tickets next year.  We can take in our own food and drinks, so once we have the tickets it’s not expensive!

On a sad note, when we went out Saturday morning to head for Schlitterbahn, we found Daisy with a flat passenger-side back tire.  Poor baby!  She just got home from the shop the day before!  She’s been needing a new set of tires, though, so we’ll get that done next payday. 

Sunday was sooo relaxing and low-key.  Troy and I meant to go to the 8:30 service at a church just a couple of blocks from our house, but we overslept.  Now that we’re settled in our place, I feel like we need to find a new church family.  I’d like for us to have joined a church before we have a baby.  And being able to walk to church from the house would be nice!

Around noon Sunday Chris called to see if he and JoAnn could bring the boys over to swim.  They were followed shortly by my girl friend Judy who came to just hang and soak up some sun.  Later on Mike and Lorelei showed up with their two sweeties.  We ended up throwing whatever we could find on the grill – a little bit of steak, some chicken breasts with teriyaki marinade, some cheddarwurst.  My brother made mac’n’cheese and Judy and I grilled slices of squash and zucchini – some with teriyaki and some with Italian dressing.  Yum!  We finished off the chips and dips from the Schlitterbahn trip, too.

JoAnn floatin in the pool w/a rita

JoAnn floatin' in the pool w/a 'rita


By the end of the day the nephews were full of sun and water!  They crashed on the couch watchin’ some Hellboy (their father’s choice).





Dude under the picnic table waitin for something good to drop

Dude under the picnic table waitin' for something good to drop


Look at all the nephews helped me pick from the garden!

zuchinnis and squash and tomatoes, oh my!

zuchinnis and squash and tomatoes, oh my!


look how big the pineapple mint has gotten!  love the white and green leaves

look how big the pineapple mint has gotten! love the white and green leaves


tons of sunflowers now!

tons of sunflowers now!


the biggest, tallest sunflower

the biggest, tallest sunflower

We finished off our second day of eating and sun with the season premiere of Weeds.  I do love me some Weeds!  And an episode of the Gene Simmons show (one of Troy’s favorites … who am I kidding, I like it, too).

Tomorrow morning I finish my last 150 mg Clomid dose, and I start off the day with my first hysterosalpinogram ever!  I’m not nervous now, but I will be when I get in the stirrups.  I started reading some reviews of the procedure, and they were too scary so I stopped reading!  I’m excited that it’ll give us a little more information and get us a little closer to our goal!

On a TMI side note, yesterday morning and this morning I woke up with copious amounts of EWCM.  What does that mean?  I’m still taking the Clomid, I can’t be ovulating already!  It’s at least a week too soon, and the OV kit is negative.  Should I call the RE?  I do have an appointment with him for an U/S on Monday.  Should I wait ’til then?  I’ll see what it looks like tomorrow.  Maybe it’s just a fluke.


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