Thurs., 6/11/09 Am I the Cow?

Today I spoke with Keri, Dr. Silverberg’s nurse, about our fertility meds plan.  She said that at this point, Dr. Silverberg doesn’t feel that Metformin would be the right choice for me.  Mostly, he just didn’t feel it would make much of a difference for me.  However, she did say that once all my tests are back, he’ll get a better idea of what our reproductive chances are and he’d be open to talking about changing our meds at that point. 

In the meantime, we have a lot going on!  Today, Troy and I both started a round of antibiotics (Z-packs).  First thing tomorrow morning, Troy has to provide his sample, which I then have to get to the clinic within one hour without speeding.  Can you imagine explaining that to an officer?

 Right after that, I head to the RE’s clinic for an ultrasound to check for cysts.  Keri says that I have any cysts over a certain size, then the RE will put me on birth control pills for a few weeks to heal the cysts, then we’ll try again the next cycle.  As my cycles are almost 2 months long, I’m really hoping that there won’t be any cysts!  If all is clear, I’ll start 150 mg Clomid on Saturday.  Please Lord, don’t let there be any cysts!  I don’t want to have to wait ’til August to try again – by then my ovaries will be 38 and 2 months old!

Keri also mentioned that Troy and I both needed to get our blood work done for “the procedure.”  “What procedure?” I asked.  “The IUI, of course!” she said.  I was floored!  And excited!  Because we got our first appointment so quickly, and I started my cycle so soon after the appointment, Dr. Silverberg hadn’t had a chance yet to sit down with us to talk about our options, but he felt an IUI would help us achieve our goal in the shortest amount of time.  I love it that the RE clinic is not afraid to move fast!  The clinic requires a complete sexually transmitted disease panel for each partner before any reproductive procedure.  I called insurance and they do cover all the pre-procedure lab work 100%, so I’ll pick up the lab forms tomorrow morning.  Troy will take me to work Friday night and I’ll get both of our blood drawn there.

Mom is in town staying with us tonight, and she’s going to go with me in the morning to the RE’s office.  I was trying to explain what an IUI was to her, and she goes, “Oh, I know what you’re talking about!  At church last Sunday, our neighbor told us that’s what they do with their cows now – they don’t even own a bull, they just buy the semen to get the cows pregnant!”  At first I was completely stumped as to how that particular subject came up in church, and amused by Mom’s sweet efforts to identify with what we’re doing … wait, am I the cow in this scenario? 


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