Tues., 6/9/09 There Is A Fountain, Filled With Blood

I’m showing my roots at a preacher’s daughter, qoting old hymns in my title. 

Ok, so it’s not exactly a fountain, but I finally started my period today!  I thought I’d go crazy if I had to wait another week.  I knew I wasn’t pregnant, and I wanted to get started on a new cycle already!  Finally, we can get the ball rolling here!

On Thursday my folks are bringing my nephews and coming to stay at our place for the weekend.  Friday shortly after 8am, I’ve gotta get Troy to spooge in a cup, which will be a challenge – he’s not much of a morning guy, and he can freeze up under pressure (not much good for quickies, either *sigh*).  Then I’ve gotta fly across north Austin to the spooge testing center and get it there by 9am. 

After that, Mom and I are going to pick up my VW bus Daisy from the shop.  Yay!  I’ve missed my girl!  She should be back in top form now that we’ve gotten the regulator and the alternator fixed.  I’ll be groovin’ on my way to work every morning again!  After that, grocery shopping with mom, then nap time ’til I go to work Friday evening.

Saturday morning bright and early we’re heading to Schlitterbahn water park in New Braunfels.  It’s about two hours from us in north Austin.  Mom wants to be there when it opens so we can get a good table and some lounge chairs by the kiddy area.  Saturday night I’m off work (yay!).

Next Wednesday at 8am I’ll have my hysterosalpinogram.  No sex until after that test!  Such a change after the bunny pace we were going at last month. 

I wonder, will I start Clomid again this month?  Can I conceive the same cycle I have the HSG?  I don’t want to wait another cycle, as mine are almost two months long!  I’m supposed to call my nurse, Kerri, the day I start, so I’ll give her a call this afternoon.  Hopefully I’ll get an idea of what the plan is then.


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