Thurs., 6/4/09 An Ultrasound is NOT the Same Thing as a Sonogram

… I now know.

Yesterday I after meeting our new RE at the office next to where Troy and I were working, I went just a little further down the road to the main office for my very first ever ultrasound.  The main office is only about 10 minutes farther away (than the office we met him at), about 20-25 minutes from our house.  I discovered that the lab where we’ll need to take Troy’s “donation” a week from Friday is actually in the same parking lot.  Since I’ll be under the clock when I drop it off, it’s good to know exactly where I’ll be heading with the “precious cargo.”

The office is really pretty, and not too big as to be overwhelming or impersonal.  I checked in 10 minutes early and right at appointment time Kerri came out, introduced herself, and took me back to an exam room.  Kerri said she is assigned as my nurse for the duration that I will be a patient at the clinic.  I thought that was kinda cool!  My very own nurse!  As she left the room she instructed me to remove my clothes from the waist down and sit on the table.  So I figured that the doctor wanted to do a physical exam, as well. 

I’m sitting there on the exam table waiting, checking out all the stuff in the little room.  I giggle when I notice there are rows of what looks like rolled up condoms aligned neatly on a sterile tray with little globs of green goo in the middle.  Vaguely I become aware that the machine right next to the exam table has one of those “condoms” on it … covering a long-ass probe thingy, right next to my arm.  I lean away from it as awareness begins to dawn…just as Kerri and Dr. Silverberg come in.  I cautiously ask, “This isn’t one of those tests where you just roll something over my belly, is it?  They looked stumped for a minute then burst out laughing – at me.  “No,” said Dr. Silverberg, “this thing goes up your vagina, and then,” <with growing enthusiasm> “We get to look at your uterus!  And your ovaries!”  You’da thought we were going to see Brangelina up there, he was so excited.  You gotta love a guy that has that much enthusiasm about seeing what has to be his 500millionth uterus.

I was really surprised that Dr. Silverberg did the ultrasound himself, I figured I’d see a tech only.  As a result of my encounter of the probe kind, we found that my uterine lining is 6, that my uterus looks normal, that both of my ovaries look normal, but I had only 1 follicle and it didn’t look like I had ovulated at the 100mg dose of Clomid.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell the light grey static from the dark grey static, but apparently if you relax your eyes, that’s the kind of information you can get.

I know it’s probably the naitivity of the uninitiated, but I feel a great sense of relief since my appointments with the clinic.  I know we could find that there’s something wrong, something that means we’ll never be able to have kids;  but it feels like we’re making progress, finally finding answers.  Before I felt like I was blindly stumbling through a dark cave, that it was my responsibility to figure out it I was ovulating or not, if we should be doing the baby dance or not, if all the conditions were right or not.  Now I feel like I can breathe a great sigh of relief, like someone has taken hold of my hand and is now leading me through the darkness.  Corny, eh?

Today (Thursday) Kerri gave me a call to let me know that my bloodwork all came back normal.  Most surpringly, although my HCG was negative (2), my progesterone was 12!  She said that result indicated that although I did not get pregnant, I did ovulate!  Yay!  I’m shocked!  And I wonder when it was?  Was it this week, like the calendar predicted, or was it last week?  We had sex every other day since I took the Clomid, and every day this week.  So I wonder, what does all this mean, if anything at all?  Maybe the next cycle we’ll hold our heads just right and all the stars will align and finally, we’ll have success.

Since they felt I had recently ovulated, they decided to hold off on the Provera and see if I start naturally in the next two weeks.  Assuming I do (and I’ve had mild cramps all day, I think it’s coming), I’ll start 150mg Clomid on day 5, and on day 10 I’ll have a hysterosalpinogram.  I really, really hope that day 10 doesn’t fall on a Monday or Tuesday – those are the days that are hardest for me to find someone to cover for me at work.  Keri told me it’s an x-ray of my lady parts, but after the ultrasound/sonogram confusion, I’m skeptical.  I have a feeling this won’t be your typical “hold still ’til the buzzer goes” type of x-ray.  They really, really like sticking things … you know, up there.  I’m pretty sure that yesterday at about 4:40pm, my dignity and I said goodbye for the last time.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. stacey
    Jun 05, 2009 @ 16:26:47

    I’m so sorry you had such a shock with the… um, shall we say… “wand.” Those ultrasounds are really no fun at all, to say the least. Your Brangelina comment made me giggle!

    Glad you got some good lab results back!


  2. katery
    Jun 06, 2009 @ 07:25:49

    nope, they said it was fine for me to have the iui, i just took some prophylactic anti-biotics just in case. i think some doctors have you do it every time since iui’s and ivf are invasive procedures, just to be on the safe side. my husband has had two semen analysis and we’ve done three iui’s and this infection thing has never happened before, so i’m sure your husband’s specimen will be just fine.


  3. Kate
    Jun 08, 2009 @ 13:56:48

    How nice to know that you are making progress. It felt grat to me too when we finally got blood work back and made some headway. I hope they figure it out for you soon.

    LOL @ the vaginal ultrasound. i’ve had so many of those now I don’t even blink but at first it was rather disturbing, lol!!!

    I’m glad you’re making progress!


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