Wednesday, 6-3-09 An RE of My Very Own

Well, today is supposed to be the big “Ovulation Day,” but the OV kit doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo.  I have still never seen a smiley face.  I want a smiley face, dammit!

I called my gyn/onc’s office to get a refill on my Darvocet and naproxen sodium, which he prescribes to ease those “time of the month” side effects, and to ask if we should try to go up on the Clomid dose on the next round to 150.  Of course, the doc was out, so the RN said she’d get back with me after she was able to check with him.  I also asked if I should start checking out RE’s.  She said the wait list for new patient appointments was usually 3-4 months, so it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and look into it.

Since we’d like for insurance to pay for well, everything, I decided to start there.  I was really shocked to find that Troy’s insurance will pay 70% of everything out of network and 100% for everything in-network (after a $150 deductible) up to 3 IVF treatments.  I’m so happy!  I KNOW how lucky we are!  So of course, I wanted to go in-network, and there is only 1 practice in Austin that takes Troy’s insurance (and only 3 of the docs in the practice take it). 

So I call the Texas Fertility Center to see what could happen.  Of the three docs who take our insurance, one is a very young female doc.  I guess I didn’t realize I was carrying a little … I don’t want to call it bitterness, more like frustration about our difficulties getting pregnant.  I know I will take the first available appointment, but I am really hoping it’s not with the young, probably fertile chick!  While I’m talking with the receptionist, she actually pops up and says, “We usually have a 2-4 month wait for new patient appointments, but someone actually just cancelled for tomorrow!  Do you want it?”  I said “YES!”  I figured if ever there was a reason to call in … 🙂  And not only was I able to get an appointment for the next day, but it turns out that on Wednesday mornings only they see patients at the hospital where I was scheduled to work Wednesday!  Normally they see patients at their main office which isn’t near any of the offices I work at.  What are the odds?  Best of all, it was NOT with the young female doc.  (I have no male/female doc preference, it was the young part.  She looks like a cheerleader, for God’s sake!)

Fortunately the morning was super busy at work, which made it go by fast.  The fertility clinic prefers that for the first visit, both partners are present, and we are so lucky that Troy’s boss allowed him to use his lunch hour to come to the appointment.  Dr. Silverberg was absolutely wonderful!  We both liked him and felt comfortable immediately.  I’m so excited that we’ve taken this step, that we’re moving forward!  He took our history and ordered several blood tests for me, and a semen analysis for Troy.  He also wanted an ultrasound on me – and another miracle – they had a cancellation for 4:30 pm today!  Since I’m actually working an extra day this week, it’s no problem for me to leave a little early.  I can’t wait to see what we find out!  For some reason, I’m more excited than apprehensive. 

It turns out that the semen analysis clinic does not have a contract with any insurance companies, so we have to pay for it up front, then submit the receipt to insurance for reimbursement.  It’s $115, which really isn’t too bad.  We do have to wait to get it done until after next payday, so we scheduled it for Friday the 12th (Thursday is payday, but I’m off on Fridays).  Troy is a nervous wreck about getting a sample, so he begged to do it at home instead of in the clinic.  Bah, that’s the easy part!  Men.  And then I have to race like a madwoman across town to get it to the clinic by 9am.  Through rush hour traffic.

Tomorrow Dr. Siverberg will call me to tell me whether or not to start the Provera.  He wants us both to take a Z-pack, and then he wants me to start 150mg Clomid.  So I guess I don’t have to worry about the gyn/onc getting back with me, after all.


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