Wednesday, 5-27-09 Space Case

Woooo, my head is floating!  The last few days I’ve been faintly lightheaded off and on during the day.  Such a weird feeling!  My blood pressure is border-line high, and I think that might be the culprit.  Our medical assistant took it for me and surprise, it was borderline high.  I wonder if I should contact my doctor?  Would it be the GYN/ONC or my GP?

After Troy and I got the house back into semi-order, we picked up a white pizza from a local joint, Garlique Joe’s.  Oh, my … tons of cheese, tons of garlic and a great sauce and crust.  Soooo good!  After we chowed down we settled in to watch The Mentalist and relax.  The Dude wanted to play outside (he found a frog to stalk) but Dobbs curled up on my legs in the easy chair and zonked right out.

Dobbs zonked out on my legs in the easy chair
Dobbs zonked out on my legs in the easy chair
The peace actually only lasted about half an hour ’til Annie and Lila spotted a moth, then of course chaos ensued.  We didn’t discover ’til almost bedtime that we’d accidentally shut Poppy in a bathroom.  When you’ve got a zoo this size, it happens.
Annie spots a moth

Annie spots a moth

Lila is determined to get the moth first

Lila is determined to get the moth first

We called it an early night.  It’s only our second round of Clomid, but Troy is already starting to resist the demands of the baby dance.  I’ve always had a higher drive than he has, so I realize that meeting the demand is easier for me.  We talked in the beginning about how baby dancing was going to have to be a priority, and I don’t want to feel like I’m MAKING him do the deed.  I don’t always feel like it, either!  I understand sometimes you just wanna go home after work and veg out before calling it an early night.  But this week is the week I think I will ovulate, and with my cycles being soooo long, I don’t want to miss our opportunity out of laziness!  With some humor, “encouragement” and some good fantasies I was able to get things going.  I wonder how other couples keep it fun?

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