5/27/09 Progesterone Level

Today is 23 days since the first day of my last period (yesterday was a holiday) so I dutifully got my progesterone level checked.  The result is 3.8.  I understand that means that I haven’t ovulated and I’m not pregnant, neither of which are surprises.  But what I don’t understand is what that level DOES mean.  I tried to ask the OB/GYN office about it, but I kept getting a confused little medical assistant who, sweet as she was, never gives me anything more definitive than “I’ll ask the doctor and call you back.”  And of course, the doc is aways teaching, or doing an emergency delivery, or with another patient …

But according to mymonthlycycles.com, I don’t ovulate ’til next week (peak day being next Wednesday).  And I’m determined to completely wait out this cycle, ’til my period starts on its own.  That way I’ll have a full month of true data to take to a fertility specialist.  Maybe it’ll show I’m not ovulating at all … not good news, but a place to start.


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