Tuesday, 5-26-09 Holdin’ It

Ovulation predictor tests are SO much more annoying than home pregancy tests.  With the HPT, I can just do the test on the first pee in the morning.  But with the darn OV kits, they want you to do it in the afternoon – after holding it for 4 hours.  So here I am, trying to distract myself from the pressure … arghhhh.  And besides, who wants that kind of disappointment at work?  And I don’t want to walk around with the test kit in my pocket, so that means hiding in the stall for 5 minutes.  My co-workers must think I do #2 at exactly the same time every day.  I might as well start taking the paper or a magazine with me!

We had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!  I worked Friday and Saturday night, then Sunday Troy and I just hung around the house and did … absolutely nothing!  No, actually, we did do a little gardening and house-cleaning.  But it rained most of the day so we did an Underworld marathon and saw the first two movies (we saw the 3rd movie one evening last week), made cheese toast and ate peanut butter ice cream.  Yummmmmm.

Monday around noon friends started arriving.  We grilled and ate off and on all afternoon and evening, played some cards (Phase 10 and Uno) and floated in the pool.  My house is a complete mess, but it was SO worth it!  What a wonderful, awesome day!  In the evening there were just a few of us left, so we loaded up our plates again and went inside to watch the season premier of Jon & Kate + 8.  I don’t watch the show regularly, but it’s so sad to see any marriage come apart.  She did say something that caught my attention, that the parents of multiples tend to have a much higher divorce rate.  I didn’t know that.  It really does worry me that we’ll end up with multiples!  But then again, I’d be happy to pregnant at all, and I believe Troy and I are up to the challenge (ahh, the faith of the uninitiated, right?).

One of our friends who came Monday, Lorelei, is expecting any day now.  She’s a great mom and has really enjoyed her pregnancies (this is her second).  I’m so glad we’re friends, she’ll be a great source of advice and support!  It’s fun to see someone really enjoy starting and raising a family, and it’s been fun to see how even the parents have changed and grown.

Yesterday and today the aching in my lower abdomen really changed from being like light menstrual cramps to truly feeling like ovarian ache.  Sometimes it’d be intense enough that I’d have to wait to stand up, but it always passes quickly.  So now I’m thinking that it’s either the ovaries working overtime, or I’ve earned some of those famous Clomid cysts.  I’ve also noticed increased mucous, so maybe, maybe I’m actually approaching ovulation.  I’d sure love to see a smiley face on the the tester.  According to mymonthlycycles.com, I should ovulate late this week.  Keepin’ my fingers crossed…

On a side note, I’ve also had mild nausea that passes quickly off and on during the day – usually early in the morning and early afternoon.  I keep taking HPT’s, though, and so far they’ve all been negative.  I honestly dunno what the nausea is from.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. D
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 19:59:44

    Hi! Not sure how you feel about the cost, but maybe you should check out the clearblueeasy fertility monitor. You get to use FMU! and it is really easy to use. It tracked my O every month.


  2. iamstacey
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 12:02:37

    The Clearblue Easy ov kit is SOOO much easier than the “comapare the lines” kits at the grocery store! It does cost a lot more, but this round I just wanted to be sure if I did ovulate. The GYN/ONC doesn’t think I really ever ovulated last cycle. Good advice, thanks! Now I just want to see that little smiley face!!!


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