Thursday, 5-21-09

Last night I fell asleep watching Table for 12.  Oh, the Clomid nightmares that ensued!  I kept losing kids, laundry piles were over my head, and oh, all the dirty dishes … *shudder*  No more TV as I fall asleep, that’s my new rule.

Feelin’ kinda achy and tired today.  Probably due in part to the whole lack of sleep thing.  Also could be partly due to some vigorous gardening after work yesterday.   I’ve been slightly nauseous off and on today and a little achy in the ovarian area.  Still no little smiley face on the ovulation kit, though. 😦  According to most common cycles, I should’ve ovulated last weekend.  But according to, I won’t ovulate until the weekend after next (the first weekend of June).  They calculate my cycle to be really long, about 44 days.  I’m going to keep doing the ov tests until I have my next period.  I may not be ovulating at all, and it would be good to have the info to take back to the gyn/onc.  If the ov test is never positive this round, I’m going to ask for a referral to a fertility specialist.

The weekend before Easter we planted squash, zucchini, tomatoes, green peppers, green onions and carrots in the garden.  We have more squash and zucchini than we’ll ever be able to use!  The tomatoes are still struggling to come up.  I think something’s eating them before they ripen.  The green peppers are finally getting bigger, though.  I think we were too late getting the onions and carrots in the ground.  We’ll definitely start earlier with those next year.

My nephew Cayle planted sunflowers and daisies in another flower bed, and mom and I planted several varieties of mint and mexican heather under a tree in another bed.   The mint is really taking off!  We planted spearmint, chocolate mint (it really smells like an Andes!), regular mint and pineapple mint (it doesn’t smell like pineapple, but it has pretty white and green leaves).  I also picked up a cheap, tiny citronella plant on a whim – it’s a monstrosity already!  I’d love to get some more to put all around the patio to keep the skitoes and flies away.  I’d also love to eventually get a few gardenia plants to plant under outside the front door and the bedroom window – they just smell so nice. 

Mom and I also planted a yellow and a red hibiscus plants, which are just plain fun.  I love their bright colors and they give the yard a beachy feel.  And we planted a few elephant ears under a big tree in the front yard.  Troy and I still have the arbor we got married under, and we put it next to the garden.  Mom planted a hummingbird vine next to the arbor that’s supposed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  I’ve become so domesticated!  Now, if we can just keep the dogs from digging up the mint… 😦


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