Monday, 5/4/09

Clomid, round 2.  Since I have a period only every 6-8 weeks, I started taking the Prometrium so I’d start a new cycle more quickly.  On the sixth day (today) I started a major period.  I’ve read that usually the period doesn’t start until a week or two after finishing the round of Prometrium, and starting while still taking it means that I probably didn’t need it.  Maybe the first round of Clomid has jump-started me back on a regular cycle-?

Major bleeding and moderate cramps.  I’ve had mild cramps since starting the Prometrium.  This time I will take 100mg Clomid for 5 days, starting day 5-9.  I think I’m going to spring for a better ovulation kit.  I found the HEB ones with the two pink bars hard to read.

I asked my OB/GYN about adding Metformin to the Clomid.  I’m overweight and I’ve read several forums where overweight mothers-to-be had great success with taking both.  However, my OB/GYN says that they do one or the other and have had better success with the Clomid.  I’m tempted to order Metformin off the net.  I’ll wait and see if we’re successful this round first. 

This weekend we celebrated Cayle’s 6th birthday.  Mom, Dad and I went to see Woverine – excellent flick, really enjoyed it.  Next weekend is Chris and Joanne’s wedding.  I’m looking forward to the party!


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